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Superyacht Of The Skies: £325 Million Aircraft Features Cinema Ceiling And Nightclub

A new 'Superyacht for the Skies' has been unveiled. The Explorer, created by German Design Studio Lufthansa Technik is an aicraft based on superyacht designs and comes complete with a balcony, nightclub and glass floor. Unveiled earlier this month at the Dubai Air Show, the luxury jets will feature all of the usual mod cons of large private planes, including standard sized bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and offices. But these new aircraft also come with the option to add dedicated areas such as nightclubs, spas, wine cellars, exploration laboratories and even an emergency. The planes are modelled on the Airbus A330, the standard versions of which costs around £225 million, but these particular 12-passenger versions would cost an extra £100 million on top. The most eye-catching addition though is the option of a projection system that covers the walls and ceiling of the plane and will allow users to play a range of backgrounds - from the outside sky to outer space.
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