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Clipt - How to Clipt from Android to Desktop?

To demo how to send text and images from Android to Desktop using Clipt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Clipt Clipt creates a link between all of your devices to increase productivity. Seamlessly and safely send text, photos and data over the cloud using your clipboard. It’s as easy as copy on one device and paste on another and works completely in the background. Stop having to email yourself and increase your digital efficiency across multiple devices with Clipt. IMPORTANT - Clipt works best with Chrome notifications turned on. - Clipt uses Google Drive to safely transfer your data, please ensure that you login with the primary account you use on Google Chrome (even if this is not the same account as your Android device it will still work) AVALIABLE ACROSS ALL DEVICES Clipt is currently available on Android and Chrome (PC, Mac and Linux), making it possible to link all your Android and Apple devices. Native iOS version is currently in development. Connect multiple smartphones, tablets, Macs and PC together in order to help you work more seamlessly. TEXT, PHOTOS AND FILES - SAFELY Quickly and safely transfer anything you want between devices. How to send on mobile: - Send text by coping the selected text and then pressing the ‘send’ button which will appear in your notification panel. Or copy and send straight from your app. ● On the receiving device simply paste after you receive the notification. - Send photos or files using the usual share function (three dots) or share from directly inside the app using the floating + button. ● On receiving the image you can directly paste into a presentation or document. Alternatively click the notification to download the item or go to the app for the full list of options. How to send on Mac or PC: - On Mac or PC send text by simply copying anything. It works across your whole OS, even outside of Chrome in apps such as the Office 365 suite and Keynote. ● On the receiving device simply paste after you receive the notification - Send images by right clicking and selecting “Clipt image” from within Chrome. ● A direct channel for uploading content within the extension is in development. ● On receiving an image or file simply click to download or go to the extension for the full list of options. Clipt uses Google Drive to safely transfer your data in the background. Once the device has uploaded the content to Google drive we transfer a unidentifiable file ID and the file type – such as text_plain or image_png – to the other device instructing it to download the file. CLIPT ADVANTAGES - Seamlessly link multiple devices across Ecosystems for increased productivity - Transfer data with confidence knowing it’s on your Google Drive - Transfer text, images and even files - Search the recent history of your shared clipboard Clipt is developed by OneLab. A team working within OnePlus on future software features and we are excited to share this with all users. We hope you enjoy the applications and please contact us for feedback. Download Clipt Chrome Extension Webstore Google Play Store
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