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Trends video editing platform will witness in 2021 logo 30-12-2020
As the year draws to a close and as we are slowly starting to limp back to normalcy, we can safely say that if there’s one form of content that has dominated the year and will continue to grow from strength to strength even next year, it is online video. It has become an established practice and it will continue to grow even in the years to come – messaging through video has become the go-to format in order to share news, generate business interest, educate, entertain and at the same time, it has also become one of the best mediums to drive sales. We have seen this year that with technology, one can easily access a number of social media marketing channels for worldwide distribution and thus, online video has seen exponential growth. 2021 is staring us in the face and we have to be ready to ace this coming challenge and hence, we have collated the best and biggest video marketing trends that will dominate in the coming year.


Personalization is no more a fad – it has become a norm. So, how can one personalize the video? Before one starts producing a video, there needs to be extensive research done in order to understand and decipher the target audience. And hence, start creating short videos for a diverse group of customers that are segregated by gender, professions, interests, hobbies and other factors. This will help customer profiling and it will give a better understanding of the targeted audience. Precise targeting and personalisation are perhaps the best tool to ace marketing and will get impressive ROI.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile is the present, mobile is the future! Today customers are zipping through their lives juggling between activities on their mobile devices. Hence, brands should always follow the audience they intend to target and then go about optimising their experience. In the coming year, we will see the emergence of one of the most essential explainer video marketing trends – it will be an approach which will place mobile right at the top.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation essentially sees an author physically draw an illustrated story using a whiteboard or a whiteboard-like surface using marker pens. This animation topped all the video trends this year and we expect it to keep growing next year. Since they are less expensive than the normal 3D animation, it has become extremely popular. One of the biggest advantages of whiteboard animation is that it is extremely versatile and hence, can be put to use by all businesses and industries. Using a simple marker pen, an interactive video can convey the message and the brand can be positioned accordingly in front of the customer.

Use of Animated Videos for Website Background

Another trend which has grown this year has been the use of animated videos for website background. One can see animated explainer videos on the product landing pages and this has caught the fancy of the customers as they help drive purchasing decisions by explaining the USP of the product. At the same time, one can easily put across the brand stories, detail the brand values and the mission of the company. As per Forrester research, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. This has been the mantra for companies and brands this year and it will only gain pace as we approach 2021. The presence and use of interactive 360° video are already getting the desired results and when it is coupled with AR/VR technology, the scope is immense.

Sanket Shah, CEO, and Co-Founder of InVideo

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