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GodFather Movie Review: Chiranjeevi turns ‘boss of bosses' in Lucifer remake with Salman for company

India Today 05-10-2022 Roktim Rajpal

Mohanlal's Lucifer wasn't exactly a masterpiece or an example of brilliant storytelling. The narrative felt a bit cliched despite several rousing moments. Also, most of the twists were quite predictable. The film, however, proved to be a treat for Lalettan's fans as it gave the Complete Actor ample scope to showcase his abilities. The same pretty much applies to GodFather, its Telugu remake. The Chiranjeevi-led political thriller, however, is massier and more action-packed than the Malayalam version.

GodFather revolves around Brahma (Chiranjeevi), a mass leader with a mysterious past, who influences his state's political discourse despite being in 'exile'. He returns to politics following his mentor and the sitting Chief Minister PKR's death. He soon realises that the state is in political turmoil as many individuals with nefarious intentions are eager to occupy the CM's chair. As the film progresses, we learn more about his equation with Sathyapriya (Nayanthara). This sets the stage for a deadly showdown between him and his foes.

The basic storyline has pretty much everything - right from action scenes to punch dialogues - that one expects from a film headlined by a mass hero. The plot reaches its potential due to the solid packaging. Each scene manages to build an aura around Chiranjeevi's character.

GodFather opens with a series of slow yet intense scenes which establish the film's world. These sequences work as they have a sense of urgency, which makes it easier for the viewers to relate to the reel action. They do a pretty good job of setting the stage for Chiranjeevi's massy entry. The actor's introduction scene is subdued compared to the ones we saw in SS Rajamouli's RRR and the Nandamuri Balakrishna-led Legend. It, however, packs a punch mainly because of Chiranjeevi's stellar screen presence. The action scenes again do justice to the veteran actor's 'Boss of the Bosses' image and come across as extremely stylish without being over-the-top.

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There are a couple of twists here and there. They, however, don't work any better than they did in Lucifer. That said, they might appeal to those who aren't familiar with the original.

It is, however, the track involving Chiranjeevi and Nayanthara that helps GodFather soar above Lucifer. Their emotional scenes feel more organic and natural than the ones featuring Mohanlal and Manju Warrier in the original version. Short and effective punch dialogues are widely regarded as the hallmark of a Mohan Raja movie. Thani Orvan, for example, featured memorable one-liners like ''I love Deals' and 'kill at first betrayal', which had tremendous situation appeal. GodFather is no exception. It boasts punchlines such as 'yeh family matter hai' and ' I can't be away from politics', which amps up its recall value.

Coming to performances, Chiranjeevi is the heart and soul of GodFather. The veteran acts with his eyes, adding depth to each scene he appears. His intensity is personified in his scenes with his foes. The star is equally impressive in the softer sequences, which are an integral part of the narrative. His expressions in a scene where he sees his mentor's dead body are worth their weight in gold. Nayanthara is top-notch in a role that requires her to be aggressive yet vulnerable in equal measure. Her introduction scene does justice to her standing in the industry.

Satyadev is sincere but doesn't quite measure up to Vivek Oberoi, who played a similar character in Lucifer. That said, this is a step in the right direction for him and may pave the way for bigger films in the near future.

Murali Sharma breathes life into a character that could have been reduced to a caricaturish sidekick. His effortless performance, however, helps him stand out. Puri Jagannadh springs a surprise with his work in GodFather. While he isn't able to hold his own against Chiranjeevi, it is refreshing to see the Liger director try something different.

It is, however, Salman Khan who proves to be GodFather's biggest surprise package. The film does justice to his action hero image. Bhai sets the screen on fire (quite literally) in his scenes. The Tiger 3 star's 'main kanoon ki bhi nahi sunta' line is a treat for those who liked his work in Wanted, a remake of Mahesh Babu's Pokiri.

Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is up to mark even though a scene involving a 'movie screening' feels a bit unnecessary as it breaks the film's flow. The rousing background score by S Thaman adds a larger-than-life feel to the hero elevation scenes. The songs, however, are a total letdown. Not one of them does justice to the standards that Thaman set for himself with his work in Allu Arjun's Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. The other technical aspects have been handled with competence.

To conclude, GodFather is a grand celebration of the brand Chiranjeevi that proves to be a treat for the veteran hero's ardent fans.

3 out of 5 stars for GodFather.

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