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From the ramparts of Red Fort, PM Modi says ‘India will realise its dream’: Highlights of PM Modi’s Independence Day speech

Hindustan Times logo Hindustan Times 15-08-2020 | Edited by Sparshita Saxena

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurled the National Flag from the ramparts of the iconic Red Fort on Saturday, reinstating that independent India’s resolve to overcome all challenges is unshakeable. PM Modi said that he is confident that India will realise its dream of becoming self-reliant (Atmanirbhar). “I am confident of the abilities, confidence and potential of my fellow Indians,” the prime minister said.

On the occasion, the prime minister took to the stage and addressed the nation, paying homage to the contributions of all Indians who won the Independence and all members of the armed forces and personnel who guard our independence and keep us safe.

He lauded the nation’s corona warriors for their selfless act of fighting against the deadly contagion, helping hundreds and millions without caring for their lives. 

“Next year we will enter the 75th year of our independence. A big festival is in front for us,” he said. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation during Independence Day celebrations at the historic Red Fort in Delhi, India, August 15. © REUTERS/Adnan Abidi Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation during Independence Day celebrations at the historic Red Fort in Delhi, India, August 15.

Here are the highlights from the prime minister’s Independence Day speech:

• In the midst of the Corona pandemic, 130 crore Indians have pledged to build an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. I am confident that India will realize this dream. I am confident of the abilities, confidence and potential of my fellow Indians. Once we decide to do something, we do not rest till we achieve that goal.

• India has always believed that the entire world is one family. While we focus on economic growth and development, humanity must retain a central role in this process and our journey.

• How long will we see raw material getting exported and being imported as finished product coming back to our country? The mindset of free India should be ‘vocal for local’. We should appreciate our local products, if we don’t do this then our products will not get the opportunity to do better and will not get encouraged.

• I am confident that measures like opening up the SPACE sector, will generate many new employment opportunities for our youth and provide further avenues to hone their skills and potential.

• Self-reliant India means not only reducing imports, but also increasing our skills, our creativity.

• A big campaign is going to start in the country from today. This is the National Digital Health Mission. National Digital Health Mission will bring a new revolution in India’s health sector. Your every test, every disease, which doctor gave you which medicine, when, what were your reports, all this information will be contained in this one health ID.

• Today, not one, not two but three vaccines of Corona are currently in testing phase in India. As soon as the green signal is received from the scientists, the country’s preparation is also ready for mass production of those vaccines.

• Today, many big companies of the world are turning to India. We have to move forward with the mantra of ‘Make in India’ as well as ‘Make for World’.

• Respect for India’s sovereignty is supreme for us. What our brave soldiers can do for this resolution, what the country can do, the world has seen in Ladakh.

• There is a need to give a new direction to the overall infrastructure development of the country to move India towards modernity at a fast pace. This need will be met with the National Infrastructure Pipeline Project. The country is moving towards spending more than 100 lakh crore rupees on this. About 7 thousand projects of different sectors have also been identified. It would be like a new revolution in infrastructure.

• The campaign of ‘Vocal for Local’, ‘Re-Skill’ and ‘Up-Skill’ will communicate a self-reliant economy in the standard of living of those living below the poverty line.

• Professionals coming out of India’s middle class make their mark in the whole world not only in India. The middle class needs opportunity, the middle class needs freedom from government interference.

• Education of the country is of great importance in building self-reliant India, in building modern India, in building new India, in building prosperous and prosperous India. With this thinking, the country has got a new national education policy.

• Our experience says that whenever there is opportunity for women power in India, they have brought laurels to the country, strengthened the country.

• Just as Sikkim has made its mark as an organic state, in the coming days, Ladakh, as a carbon neutral zone, is also working fast in this direction.

• A special campaign is also underway with a holistic approach to reduce pollution in 100 selected cities of the country.

• National Cadet Corps will select 1 lakh cadets from coastal and border areas, one-third will be female cadets.

• Ram Mandir issue was resolved peacefully, citizen’s commitment towards peace during the process was remarkable.

• In this decade of the 21st century, India will now have to move forward with new policy and new customs. Now simple and ordinary will not work. Our policies, our processes, our products, everything should be best, should be the best.

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