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Migration: Creating Livelihoods -What Can Policy Do? | The Indian Express THINC presented by Omidyar

Over the past decade, India has gone from experiencing jobless growth to witnessing a reduction in total employment. Persistently high unemployment rates have become the new normal. The worst affected by these emerging trends are millions of migrant workers. Most of them are unskilled and without any social security to sustain them while they look for a job. What makes them even more vulnerable is that they are away from home — migrating to other places within the same state or across state boundaries, often driven by sheer desperation. The Covid-induced economic disruption over the past year has just made matters worse for this cohort of Indians. As India recovers from Covid and ramps up vaccinations, the policy priority is fast shifting from securing health to boosting economic growth. But until we pay special attention, India might simply re-enter a phase of jobless growth. What can be done to avert it? More specifically, what can be done to boost the livelihood opportunities for migrant workers. At the last count, India had close to 600 million migrant workers but for the most part, they are poor, vulnerable and, worst of all, invisible (from a policy perspective). With a so-called ‘K-shaped’ economic recovery, where bigger firms have bounced back while millions of small and marginal firms languish, there is a high chance that migrants may continue to struggle for a long time. What can governments, both at the Centre and states, do to improve the livelihood opportunities for migrant workers? What role can India’s formal private sector — the bigger firms which have been doing well — play in boosting employment opportunities? Are there any initiatives at the intersection of the government, private sector and civil society that can alter the dynamics? Presented by the Omidyar Network India, this series of webinars on the issue of internal migration in India aims to have a solutions-oriented discussion between some of the brightest minds across academia, industry, civil society and, of course, government. The distinguished panel for this edition includes keynote speaker Meher Pudumjee (Chairperson of Thermax Limited); Rajiv Khandelwal (Founder, Aajeevika Bureau), Manish Sabharwal (Chairman, TeamLease), Radhicka Kapoor (Fellow at ICRIER), and Deepak Mishra (Professor, JNU). #MigrationInIndia #MigrantWorkers #Migrant #MeherPudumjee #RajivKhandelwal #ManishSabharwal #RadhickaKapoor #DeepakMishra Microsite: Subscribe to Indian Express: The Indian Express Online covers all trending and latest news across India, which includes daily news, political news, gadgets and Mobile reviews, technology updates, Entertainment News, Bollywood news, public opinions and views on daily trends. #News #IndiaNews #EnglishNews #LatestNews Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Indian Express App: Official Website:
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