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5 Common Sex Dreams And Their Meanings

News18 25-03-2023 Shreeja Bhattacharya

We often keep our desires hidden. But sometimes we dream about them. Most of the time these dreams are about things that we wish to achieve. When we mention hidden desires, one of the common things we dream about is fulfilling our sexual fantasies. Here are some of the most common sex dreams and the meanings they carry-

  1. Sex with an Ex- One of the common sex dreams includes our ex. It indicates that things are not still properly over between the couple. Lack of closure in relationships leads to such sex dreams. It is believed that sex is the highest form of intimacy, and to still dream about your ex in a sexual way indicates that you are still not over him/her.
  2. Sex with strangers – Dreaming about having sex with a stranger indicates your love for anonymity. It is the desire to explore the unknown which acts as a turn-on for a lot of people. If you find yourself getting attracted to a stranger in the public, then such dreams will be quite common in your sleep.
  3. Sex with someone known – We all have groups of friends and colleagues in our life. We are often scared to tell people upfront about our sexual desires for them, so we dream about it. Having sex dreams with someone known indicates that you have developed feelings for that person in either a sexual way or a loving way.
  4. Sex with celebrity – The most obvious and common sex dreams include celebrities. It is a no-brainer regarding why we often dream about that. Their charisma, fit body, and good looks ignite our hidden sexual desires for them. The type of celebrity you often dream to have sex with tells about the type of person you like. It can also vary according to your mood.
  5. Sex in Public – The public sex dreams indicates that the person loves to be watched while having sex. Most males/females experience orgasms when being watched while having sex. These types of feelings are also often about the sexual liberation which a person desires from society.

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