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All India Cine Workers Association ask PM Narendra Modi to ban Why I Killed Gandhi

India Today logo India Today 23-01-2022 India Today Web Desk
Amol Kolhe in a still from Why I Killed Gandhi. Amol Kolhe in a still from Why I Killed Gandhi.

All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a complete ban on the short film, Why I Killed Gandhi.T They have written a letter to the PM demanding a ban on the film, as it glorifies Nathuram Godse the killer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Earlier, NCP member and actor Amol Kolhe faced flak for playing Nathuram Godse in Why I Killed Gandhi. Now, the film is under the scanner. AICWA wrote a letter to PM Modi demanding a ban on Why I Killed Gandhi. The letter reads, "All Indian Cine Workers Association demands a complete ban on the movie Why I Killed Gandhi which is to be released on OTT Platform in India on January 30, 2022, as this movie glorifies Nathuram Godse the traitor and killer of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji. Gandhiji is someone who is admired by entire INDIA and the world, Gandhiji's Ideology is a symbol of Love and Sacrifice for each and every Indian," the letter reads.

The association further stated that Nathuram Godse doesn't deserve any respect that if this film releases the whole country will 'shocked and devastated'. He further reads, "Nathuram Godse is (the Traitor and Assassin of Gandhiji) doesn't deserve an inch of respect by anyone in this country, the actor who played the role of Nathuram Godse (the traitor and the killer of Gandhiji) is a sitting MP in Lok Sabha and is under the oath of Indian Constitution, if this movie releases the entire nation will be shocked and devastated by the display of the heinous crime which occurred on January 30, 1948. On behalf of the entire nation and all the movie associations, we are demanding that 'Why I Killed Gandhi' has to be Banned from the release on the OTT platform."

Amol Kolhe, the NCP Lok Sabha MP and actor has been getting a mixed reaction from his party men for playing the role of Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, Why I Killed Gandhi. While the film was made in 2017, it is being released on Limelight OTT on January 30, Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary.

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