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Explained.Live: Rupee's Journey With Sajjid Chinoy, Chief Economic Officer, JP Morgan

Rupee Fall Against Dollar: The Indian Rupee has depreciated over 7 per cent in 2022, and has already breached the mark of 80 to a US Dollar. Such sharp depreciation in a short duration throws up many challenges for the RBI and the Central government as they hope for a growth rebound with a soft landing of inflation, without any sharp interest rate hikes. Will a lower rupee mean costlier imports, and hence higher inflation? Depreciation does make Indian exports competitive, but does it add to growth and jobs? Should the RBI intervene, and use its forex reserves to sell dollars and stabilise the rupee? To understand the many facets of the rupee’s journey, join us for a lucid yet erudite Express explained.Live session with Sajjid Chinoy, JP Morgan’s Chief India Economist, who is also a Part-Time Member in the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. He will be in conversation with P Vaidyanathan Iyer, Executive Editor, The Indian Express. #rupeefall #rupeevsdollar #indianeconomy Subscribe to Express Premium - . Morning Expresso - A morning news bulletin from the Indian Express: Watch all Coronavirus Updates: Watch all entertainment news from Bollywood at Indian Express Entertainment: Subscribe to Indian Express: #News #IndiaNews #LatestNews #BreakingNews #DailyNews #NewsHealines #NewsHour #EnglishNews The Indian Express Online covers all trending and latest news across India, which includes daily news, political news, gadgets and Mobile reviews, technology updates, Entertainment News, Bollywood news, public opinions and views on daily trends. Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Indian Express App: Official Website:
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