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Feng Shui Symbols: Here are the meanings of different Feng Shui symbols

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Feng Shui aka Chinese geomancy is a traditional practice of using energy forces to bring prosperity in an individual's life. 
a necklace on a table © Provided by Pinkvilla Originated from ancient China, Feng Shui means 'wind-water'. Feng Shui uses different objects or living things to bring positivity in our life. They all represent different aspects of life which are needed to be placed in the right corner of a room to get results. The area needs to be decided from the Bagua map in Feng Shui.

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But before that you need to have knowledge of the symbols and their meanings and representations for the different aspects of life. Check them out below.

Objects of Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui concept is associated with several objects and each of them symbolises a different meaning. For example, mandarin ducks represent love and marriage, tortoise for protection and stability, koi fish stand for abundance of wealth, etc. Several other objects of Feng Shui are representing different things in this world. Get a proper Feng Shui guide before using any symbol for your home.  


Flowers symbolise flourishing, beauty, grace and good luck. Feng Shui prefers peonies, lotus, orchid, chrysanthemums flowers for home as they bring positivity and healing energy.
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Fruits especially apples, pomegranate and oranges are considered to bring longevity, prosperity, wealth and fertility in our family. Mainly Feng Shui pays attention to the colours of the fruits.

In pics: 
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Birds are the representation of inspiration, freedom and unity. So, putting photos of birds brings a positive vibe in one's life.


Feng Shui uses butterfly symbols as a cure for love and romance. A butterfly is the best Feng Shui element to use as a love cure mainly for single people.

a colorful butterfly on a flower © Provided by Pinkvilla


The application of horses in Feng Shui is considered to bring success, fame, freedom and speed. According to Bagua map, South is fame area and North is for career. The horse is to be placed in these two places.


Arowana or Dragon Fish is the most powerful fish in Feng Shui for wealth. Goldfish or Koi fish can also be used instead of the Dragon ones. Take 8 or 9 fishes and one of them should be black.


The black tortoise is one of the four most powerful guardians of Feng Shui. The tortoise symbolises north side and winter season. Other three animals are Dragon (represents east/spring); Red Phoenix (South/summer); White Tiger (West/Fall).
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Bats are the symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Bats are considered to have medicinal properties which associate them with prosperity.

Mystic Knot

The mystic knot symbolises happiness in life with a good fortune. It is also called an endless knot. In Buddhism, it is one of the eight magical auspicious objects.

Fu Dogs

Feng Shui Fu Dogs or imperial guardian lions are the representation of protection. Fu dogs are often seen in temples. In Feng Shui, they also symbolise wealthy family and social status.

Chi Lin

Chi Lin is a mystical creature in Feng Shui. It has the head of a dragon, body of a horse and scales of a carp fish. It is also called dragon horse or Chinese unicorn which brings good health, prosperity, energy and positivity. It has a higher royal status than other Feng Shui objects.

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