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First Official Report That Concludes Wuhan Lab Leak Possible Origin Of Covid 19

Scientists last year argued that the most plausible explanation is the “natural emergence” of Covid-19. But in recent weeks, more scientists and policymakers around the world have spoken up about the possibility that the virus may have escaped a laboratory in China. A report by a US laboratory has concluded that the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis is plausible. The classified report on the origins of COVID-19 said that the theory deserves further investigation. #OriginsOfCovid19 #WuhanLab #CovidProbe #China #WuhanLabLeakTheory #CovidOrigins #USProbe #JoeBiden Crux is your daily dose of the big, viral and relevant news in a few minutes. It’s your ultimate guide to staying informed on the latest in politics, international relations, sports, entertainment and social media Follow CRUX on Instagram (@crux.india): Follow CRUX on Facebook: #GetCloserToTheNews with latest headlines on politics, sports and entertainment on Also watch: Crux One Take: Crux Files: Crux BTS:
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