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Green Tea: Here's why you should not drink this tea before sleeping at night

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 19-02-2020 Deblina Chatterjee

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages which is liked by most of the health-conscious people. This tea is packed with flavonoids that can reduce inflammation, regulate bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Mostly, it is recommended to have green tea instead of milk tea to stay fit. But this doesn't mean you can drink green tea any time, especially before hitting the bed at night. Drinking green tea at night may affect your deep sleep. Read on to know more on this. 


Green tea before bed

Green tea should always be avoided before bed as it definitely has caffeine which can trigger the adrenaline levels. 

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Why you should not stop having green tea entirely?

If you have kidney stones, then you should restrict yourself from having green tea. As both green and black tea have oxalates, so they can contribute more to the formation of new stones. But one or two cups is ok as green tea is loaded with polyphenols, which can fight against cancer. It can also help you to burn the extra fats. 


The correct time for having green tea

Green tea is really helpful for stressful mornings. Since the tea has theanine which can reduce stress-related hormones like cortisol. It relaxes neuron activity in the brain. Research showed that having green tea in the morning helps you to have a better sleep at night. So, one or two cups of green tea in the morning or midday is beneficial. But stop having the tea two hours before sleep at night. 

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It's lower than coffee in caffeine content though

Green tea has a lower amount of caffeine than coffee, but it has the ability to keep you awake at night. Drinking the tea can boost your energy to deal with your daily work.


What about decaf green tea?

Decaffeinated green tea contains only 2 milligrams of caffeine which is not harmful to your night sleep. But while making the tea decaffeinated, it has to be gone through some processes that make the tea less healthy. So, decaffeinated green tea wouldn't be that much beneficial for your health like the normal green tea as some of its antioxidants would also be lost. So, always have natural green tea in the morning to stay fit.

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