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Here's how Mrs India runner-up Juhi Vyas is an inspiration for other women

Zee News 23-07-2022 Zee News
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NEW DELHI: While the waves of women's empowerment have motivated a lot of females, there are a few who might need the inspiration to believe in themselves. Mrs. India runner-up Juhi Vyas is one of those people who went through all the odds to pursue their dreams. 

Hailing from the city of Durg in Chhattisgarh, Juhi Vyas is a software engineer by profession. However, she chose her passion over it and reinforced her love for make-up and hair styling. Juhi Vyas recently participated in one of the most credible beauty pageants for married women, i.e., Mrs. Indian Inc. She not only participated but also won the title of first runner-up. 

Juhi Vyas started her journey at the age of 13. She assisted her mom and helped her to generate earnings. "For me, it has always been a passion. I am blessed to be one amongst those people who can make passion their profession." Passing on her vitality to other women, Juhi further added, "I plan to aspire to other women around me that if I can create my identity post marriage, so can you."

Juhi is an entrepreneur who runs her own salon and spa in her hometown. She is also a content creator whose videos and photos are admired by millions of people. Besides these, she is also a mother and a homemaker. And what surprises us the most is... the beauty and flawlessness with which she manages everything. 

This lady strongly believes in empowering other women as well. Speaking of how she contributed to this, Juhi Vyas says, "I wish to open an academy where I would want to teach underprivileged women who wish to work and impart to them the skill set needed to earn their livelihoods. I wish to bring a change in the world by doing my part."

Juhi Vyas's dedication to her dreams and self-love is an inspiration for every woman who forgets to live her life after getting married or having a kid. Juhi never left her passion! 

The 32-year-old Mrs. Indian Inc 2022's first runner-up found success by staying true to herself despite pressure from society to conform and how she overcame obstacles with a positive outlook. Juhi Vyas has already worked with several brands and will be seen working with Flicka Cosmetics real soon.

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