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Isabcool — New Amul ice cream flavour offers ‘goodness’ of laxative with cashew & fig

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New Delhi: Now, here’s a stinker!

Popular dairy brand Amul’s latest ice cream flavour is the Isabcool Kaju Anjir — “a royal treat for your sweet tooth and belly”.

The flavour has, what Amul calls, the “goodness of Isabgol (laxative)” with “cashew and fig”.

Introducing the all-new Isabcool Kaju Anjir. A royal treat for your sweet tooth and belly.#IceCream #MilkIceCream #AmulIceCream #Delight #Delightful #IsabcoolKajuAnjir #Isabgol

— (@Amul_Coop) May 14, 2022

Amul may think it has found the perfect substitute for the bland Isabgol – combined with the poop-hastening dietary fibre in ‘anjir’ or figs – but many netizens appeared ready to flush that scoop down the toilet.

“Gross,” is what a user said at the very thought of eating ice cream that had isabgol or psyllium husk, which is both tasteless as well as odourless.


— Stultus (@foolishthree) May 14, 2022

There were suggestions galore on what Amul should name its future flavours. “Dolo 650?” one wondered. Another suggested “Rokool”, flavoured on the anti-diarrhoea medicine Roko. Another said, “Gelusil with raisins and pista – Gelucool”. Get the drift?

No thanks.

— Nandita Iyer (@saffrontrail) May 14, 2022

Given that Amul has associated its fun brand with a ‘gharelu churan’, some joked whether Amul would be introducing flavours like ‘jaljeera’ and ‘nimbu paani’ next – all good for digestion. Well, the company already has a ‘haldi’ flavor.

@Amul_Coop Please bring in Jaljeera, NimbuPaani and Sinarest flavours too.

— ज्योती पाटील (@jyotisaysthat) May 16, 2022

Another social media user called this flavour the best solution for Bhashkor’s constipation, the grouchy character plagued by his irritable bowel in director Shoojit Sircar’s ‘Piku’.

Piku’s father is alive and working for Amul.

— Sangita (@Sanginamby) May 15, 2022

There are some takers too. One user welcomed this flavour saying his “perspective and bowels” have changed in his 40s. He congratulated Amul for thinking out of the box.

Had it been my 20s – this may have been repulsive then!!

But being in the 40s – suddenly this got me interested!!

Funny how time changes perspective and bowels😂🤣 @Amul_Coop Thanks for thinking OOTB and delivering to niche tastes (and bowels)!!👍

— Ravi Ramani (@2raviramani) May 16, 2022

Another said he would definitely try the flavor at least once. “Think of isabgol as micro-falooda,” he tweeted.

Lots of lampooning but seriously, this thing may be better than it sounds like. Think of isabgol as micro-falooda;) Will definitely try once.

— Louisiana Rain (@louisiana_rain) May 15, 2022

It seems Amul has climbed on the bandwagon of bizarre food flavours that have become quite the trend.

There are several odd ones for ice creams too – masala dosa, green chilly, ramen, momos, paani puri pataka, masala chai and paan bahar.

Sorry about this, but I just found out about Masala Dosa Ice Cream Roll and I lost all of my appetite.

— TheLiverDoc (@theliverdr) January 15, 2022

However, some cold treats flavoured on greasy Indian desserts have caught on, given the popularity of the ‘gulab jamun’ and ‘nolen gur’ flavour.

So Mother Dairy has launched Nolen Gurer ice cream #TIL … Mother Dairy is the best #NotAPaidTweet

— Namrata Joshi (@Namrata_Joshi) October 9, 2016

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