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Little tippy toes?

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Little tippy toes Little tippy toes

Little tippy toes

Dr Ashish Ranade, Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Pune, explains what toe-walking is, how it can be risky for your child, and what you can do about it...


You child will begin to walk independently around the age of one year. Most tots start walking with stiff knees at first. It has been proved that children don’t walk like mature adults, that is, with a heel-to-toe action, until they are around three and half years old. Toe-walking is often considered as normal in growing children. However, if your little one is walking on tiptoe for a long time and shows certain symptoms, it could be a hint of impending neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, nerve disorder or birth defect of the brain and spinal cord. Alarm signs that you should consult a doctor:


* If your child is toe-walking beyond two years of age


* If there’s a family history of toe walking after two years of age


* If your child places one foot fl at on the ground but walks on tiptoe with the other foot


* If your child cries while tiptoeing TYPES OF TOE-WALKING It might initially be difficult for you or another family member to recognise it but an outsider can easily point out if your child is toe-walking. Habitual tiptoeing in the family is termed as idiopathic toe-walking because there is no known cause for this.


There is another category of toe-walking caused by neurological disorders like cerebral palsy or autism, which needs immediate medical attention. There are several studies going on to establish the exact cause for it.




Although it is tricky to diagnose a neurological disorder in your child, the good news is that there are several treatments available and to improve the after-effects of toe-walking. These are as follows...


* Change of heel cords


* Foot orthosis


* Plaster cast around foot


* Botox injection to relax the muscles


* Surgery to lengthen the muscles


* Surgeries


Toe-walking is very common in children, and surgery is usually necessary only if the condition has caused a shortening of the Achilles tendon. It can be easily resolved if the symptoms are detected early and you are alert to notice the toe-walking condition in your child early.


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