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Lockdown should be imposed again to stop spread of COVID-19 variant Omicron? Experts say THIS

DNA logo DNA 07-12-2021 (DNA Web Desk)
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There is a growing fear and restlessness among people because of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron. While new revelations are made regarding the 'variant of concern' every day, experts have now weighed in whether another lockdown is necessary for India or if the government should consider booster shots for double-vaccinated citizens. 

Infection disease expert Dr Chandrakant Lahariya has said that the vaccine surely protects against any variant. That is, a vaccinated person is safer than a non-vaccinated person, however, it is necessary to take both doses for complete safety. Dr Lahariya also said that there are still about 15% of adults in the country who have not taken any dose. In such a situation, there is a need to make people aware of the vaccine.

Speaking further about the booster dose, Dr Lahariya said that the priority right now is to give vaccine shots to the unvaccinated population of the country. 

Is another lockdown in India necessary?

The new variant, Omicron, is said to be more dangerous than the previous Delta variant. Experts say that Omicron is affecting vaccinated people as well. 

Speaking about the same and a need of a lockdown, virologist Dr Deepak Acharya said, "Lockdown is not the only option to deal with Omicron. It is more important that people be personally alert themselves. Do not leave the house unnecessarily. Self-restriction will protect you from the virus more than lockdown."

Dr Rahul Pandit, a member of the COVID-19 Task Force, further added, "People do not need to panic due to the new variant of COVID-19 coming to the fore. Getting caught in its new cases is a good thing for India. By doing this we can stop it from spreading in the community. To avoid this danger, wear a mask properly on the face. You can wear a double mask before stepping out. Apart from this, people who have not taken the vaccine dose, they should get it done as soon as possible."

Dr Rahul said that along with health, India's economy is also very important. 

"You can travel by flight or cab in the country, but in the meantime remember your social responsibility. If you come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, get it checked immediately. If you are positive then do not delay at all, in quarantining yourself. If everyone fulfills this moral responsibility, then there will be no need for lockdown or any kind of restriction," he said. 

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