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Man's Reaction After Eating Biryani Topped With Chocolate Sauce Goes Viral, Internet is Shocked | WATCH logo 01-08-2021 ( News Desk)
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Karachi: Once again another bizarre food combination video has taken the internet by storm and this time it is biryani topped with chocolate sauce and a shop in Pakistan's Karachi is actually selling it. After strawberry biryani, chocolate maggi, maggi laddu, oreo maggi and all such bizarre dishes, the one that is gaining attraction of netizens now is biryani served with chocolate sauce on the top. The dish has left netizens confused and in shock after a video of the same went viral on social media.The video of the chocolate sauce biryani was shared by a Pakistani YouTube channel called FHM Pakistan.

In the video, the host of the show can be seen visiting a food stall that sells the special Chocolate Biryani and orders a plate to taste it. The shopkeeper then serves him a plate full of biryani and offers it to him by pouring loads of chocolate sauce over it.


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In the 1-minute long video, the host can be seen taking a bite and saying, "Hoy hoy hoy, kuch bhi nahi khaya agar aapne yeh nhi khayi toh. Kya baat hai!" He then continues to eat and praise the biryani saying, "Chef kidhar gaye mujhe iske haath chumne hai bhai." Towards the end of the video, he can seen requesting people to visit the shop and try the chocolate biryani dish. The video has so far reached 38,456 views and people are posting hilarious comments reacting to it. People posted comments like, "Chocolate Biryani. Like seriously 🤔🤔. Abb woh din baaki hai jab Vanilla Pulao banega", "Oscar level acting" and more.

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