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Migration: Are the Indian states ready and capable? | The Indian Express THINC Live

The Covid-induced lockdowns of 2020 and the resulting reverse migration of labour not only wreaked havoc in the lives of the migrants but also diminished the capacity of state governments to take care of the migrants. #MigrationInIndia #MigrantWorkers #Covid19India As the state budgets for the upcoming financial year (2021-22) show, policymakers are facing tough resource constraints. Beyond the question of state finances is the spectre of growing nativism as witnessed in Haryana (a destination state) and Jharkhand (a source state) deciding to reserve jobs for locals in the private sector. If more states follow suit, free and easy migration across India will likely be hit further as would the prospects of a private sector-led economic recovery. The key question is: Are Indian states ready and capable of taking care of migrants? This will be the central theme for the second episode of The Indian Express Thinc Migration webinar series that started in February. Presented by the Omidyar Network India, this series of webinars is focussed on the issue of internal migration in India. It aims to have a solutions-oriented discussion between some of the brightest minds and thought leaders across academia, industry, civil society and, of course, government. The distinguished panel for the second edition includes Satyajeet Rajan, Additional Chief Secretary (Labour and Skills), Govt. of Kerala, Chinmay Tumbe (Professor, Indian Institute of Management—Ahmedabad), Naushad Forbes (Co-Chairman Forbes Marshall, Former President CII, and Chairman of Centre for Technology Innovation and Economic Research and Ananta Aspen Centre), Yamini Aiyar (President and Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research) and Priya Deshingkar (Professor, University of Sussex). #Covid19India #Coronavirus #MigrantWorkers Subscribe to Indian Express: The Indian Express Online covers all trending and latest news across India, which includes daily news, political news, gadgets and Mobile reviews, technology updates, Entertainment News, Bollywood news, public opinions and views on daily trends. Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Indian Express App: Official Website:
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