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Secvolt generates wealth for those who dare to follow their passion in life

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 15-09-2022 guest
Divakar claims to have built this company from the ground up. © Provided by The Financial Express Divakar claims to have built this company from the ground up.

Teamwork can generate wealth via passion, and the trio behind the successful wealth management firm, Secvolt, is proof of that. In fact, Secvolt’s success validates what Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has said already, “Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.” And the money is following Secvolt like thread of a needle!

Divakar Choudhary, Secvolt’s dynamic CEO, Ashish Verma, the tech-genius CTO, and Hanif Shaikh, the proactive sociable CMO, may be playing different roles in wealth generation, but their vision remains unadulterated and focused – to generate a fortune for the future! This single-minded petulance has earned Secvolt the moniker “a market-beating machine.”

The team behind Secvolt’s day-to-day running reportedly puts in 18+ hours of work every day, leaving no stone unturned to find ways to manage wealth while multiplying it simultaneously. Divakar claims to have built this company from the ground up. In just 4 years, its trade volume has grown a whopping 827%, raking in a total of $52 million in trading, he claims, adding that its single account volume has been a handsome amount of $28 million. As one can imagine, accomplishing these milestones hasn’t been a cakewalk. But when three competent individuals get together, the market has to bow down, believes the confident team.

Starting with Divakar, he is an experienced industry hand, who is the brain behind creating core quant systems that calculate risk and capture the top positions as well as profits. He looks after the core architecture of the company’s operations and finances. Being involved in the cybersecurity sector, Divakar also ended up developing the security apparatus at Secvolt.

Hanif is a career entrepreneur and marketing maverick whose smart strategies have helped promote this venture as well. With a 15 year-long experience in this industry, Hanif is a pro when it comes to setting up processes and managing human resources. Owing to his networking skills within the traditional industries, Hanif has brought Secvolt opportunities from various sectors.

Last but not least, Ashish is the technical brain behind Secvolt. He has had an illustrious run in the blockchain industry, which is why he has been able to turn Secvolt into a “robust and military-grade” company. Having been exposed to the Web3 industry, Ashish has enlisted such mind-blowing technical innovations towards the company’s development that Secvolt has been able to diversify its CRM systems at a blitzkrieg speed.

Secvolt is a success today because of the sacrifices that each of these three have made, only to serve the single purpose, “generate everlasting wealth for themselves and the people working for them”, as they put it. Divakar’s take on the eternal struggle between following passion or money will help one resolve their conundrums, if any, when choosing a career. He says, “95% of people lose money. Only 5% make money. And those 5% take the money from 95%.”

Divakar treats Secvolt as a mission to change the face of wealth management globally. Secvolt primarily provides credible alternatives to high-net-worth individuals to help them diversify their portfolios while managing their risk profiles. The ever-burgeoning client list of Secvolt proves that Divakar’s belief in his passion stands vindicated. 

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