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What are the top five in-demand skills for career success in the new normal

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 07-08-2022 Sugandha Jha
In India the online tutoring service market is rapidly evolving and is expected to grow by $14.76 billion at a CAGR of 15.96 % by 2025. © Provided by The Financial Express In India the online tutoring service market is rapidly evolving and is expected to grow by $14.76 billion at a CAGR of 15.96 % by 2025.

By Arun Verma

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, every industry in India has significantly disrupted, and the education sector is no exception. Digitalization and new modes of learning have reset our learning cultures. As a result, online and hybrid learning models have emerged at the forefront.

With the new normal, having a good degree or education is not enough to pave the way for career advancement. Skills are equally important attributes and are regarded as the most indispensable factor. Teachers play a critical role in enhancing educational experiences. With the changing landscape, a wide range of teaching platforms came as a blessing in disguise to support scholars for future growth. Teachers of course have a crucial role to play in offering high-end educational experiences to the students. However, tutors have an important role that is often overlooked. With ed-tech platforms, online tutoring platforms also took the centre stage since personalization and customization of educational experiences became the need of the hour and continues to be a necessity.

According to a Technavio report, in India the online tutoring service market is rapidly evolving and is expected to grow by $14.76 billion at a CAGR of 15.96 % by 2025. As a result, to keep up with the industry dynamics, online tutoring platforms are adopting and elevating in-demand skills for career success in the new normal.

5 In-demand Skills for Career Success

Every individual possesses a unique skill. The only thing required is to manifest them adequately and at the appropriate time in order to progress in their career. Online tutoring not only assists students in developing self-discipline habits, but also teaches scholars how to hone their skills. Such platforms play an important role in developing life and career skills by providing them free access to an infinite amount of educational materials in a friendly environment.

Some of the top five in-demand skills that are essential for career growth are-

Digital Skills

Every industry has digitized its operations and processes in recent years. Cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and others are being used to streamline processes in every sector. Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in promoting competence in a variety of fields. Students who are digitally literate not only improve their chances of employability, but also prepare themselves for the future by understanding key digital channels. As a result, in order to achieve professional growth, today’s scholars require specialized digital skills.

Critical thinking and Problem-Solving

Every learner faces challenges in its career growth journey. Some may be minor and easily solved, while others may be complex and require the attention of a tutor. Students must train themselves to think critically and solve problems from an early age. As a result, one of the important skills that students should develop is the ability to face roadblocks by coming up with feasible solutions. Tutoring platforms facilitate this by assisting scholars with ever-increasing features to improve their thinking ability for career success.

Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional skills are important in all stages of life. Tutoring platforms help students understand the wide range of topics along with giving them an opportunity to interact with their peers. This prepares students to deal with changes and progress toward their goals. As a result, students gather skills to deal with ambiguous situations, empathize with others from various geographies and cultures, and be credible to be an effective individual in career success. Creative and Innovative Skills When students utilize creative thinking and innovation, they eventually come up with new ideas. Out of the box approach is the need in today’s times. Fostering this from the primary school stage, innovative educational programs can help students improve their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills. There are a variety of programs available for the students that help them reignite their creative instinct. However, to develop all of the fundamental skills required to advance one’s career, a regular learning habit is required.

Agile and Adaptability Skills

According to the current situation, agility and adaptability are two of the most important skills that students should have if a promising career is what they envision. These skills instill the attribute of strong leadership amongst the students that helps them successfully navigate through challenging situations and deal with complex environments. Tutoring platforms help train learners and ease their minds with different teaching methods as well as content so that they become agile and adapt to the changes.

Final Thoughts!

E-learning programs partnered with online tutors, in particular, have made learning more convenient and accessible. Thanks to these tutoring platforms, students now can learn at their own pace and shape their skill sets. This is emerging to be the best method of learning because it allows students to improve their skills. However, it has become critical to re-calibrate skill sets and rebuild capacity to strengthen critical assets in order to deal with unexpected events in the future. Investing in self-efficacy and seeking training in the in-demand skills will help them thrive in their careers and go up in their professional trajectory.

Author of this article is founder and CEO, TeacherOn. Views expressed are personal.

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