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Why Is Roadside Assistance Cover Required in Car Insurance Policy?

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Roadside assistance is an important part of four-wheeler maintenance and protection. © Provided by The Financial Express Roadside assistance is an important part of four-wheeler maintenance and protection.

Nonetheless, such an insurance plan provides just basic coverage. If you want to shield your four-wheeler from man-made and natural disasters, you require comprehensive car insurance. A policy like this also allows you to receive 360° coverage through riders or add-ons. One of which is RSA, or Roadside Assistance Cover.

RSA (Roadside Assistance) add-on provides much-needed assistance to four-wheeler owners when their vehicle breaks down or suffers a technical malfunction at home or on the road. Being stuck in an unknown location with no access to a repair may be quite irritating and frustrating. This is where the Roadside Assistance add-on may help.

Leading insurance providers in India, such as Tata AIG, provide this cover as an optional add-on that the four-wheeler owner can choose to purchase together with a basic four-wheeler insurance plan. Let us understand what exactly Roadside Assistance is in four-wheeler insurance and why it is so important.

What Is Roadside Assistance in Four-Wheeler Insurance?

As the name implies, Roadside Assistance, or Car Breakdown Assistance, provides immediate assistance if or when your car breaks down, particularly when you least expect it. It’s an add-on rider that allows you to call your insurance carrier for aid in jumpstarting your four-wheeler engine, fixing a flat tyre, obtaining enough fuel to get you to the next fuel pump, or even towing your four-wheeler to the nearest mechanic.

A Roadside Assistance cover, in essence, assists you in dealing with difficult situations when your car malfunctions or breaks down and gives relief. Roadside Assistance is usually available as an add-on to comprehensive car insurance coverage options in India. 

So, when you buy car insurance from a reputable insurance provider in India, make sure you purchase this add-on cover in order to part ways with the hassle arising out of these above-mentioned situations. Based on the insurance plan, the service is frequently offered free of charge during the length and term of your four-wheeler insurance plan.

 Benefits of Having a Roadside Assistance Cover 

Roadside Assistance provides several advantages to the policyholder. What you can receive is as follows:

  • Battery Issues: There are occasions when a car’s battery is depleted or the drive is halted owing to battery problems. In this scenario, your Roadside Assistance Coverage will come to your aid.
  • Spare Key Arrangements: There’s a risk you’ll misplace your vehicle keys and be unable to find them. If you cannot find your keys, your car breakdown assistance cover will arrange for a pickup and delivery service to provide you with new keys, or they will assist you in unlocking your car with the assistance of car mechanics.
  • Flat Tyre: It’s one of the primary challenges everyone has encountered at some point in their lives. When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre, it’s easy to panic. The Roadside Assistance add-on cover will help you in this situation by arranging for the correct mechanic and replacing the old tyre with a new one.
  • Minor Repairing: Sometimes your four-wheeler gets stuck or you cannot switch the engine on. In such unexpected situations, your Roadside Assistance cover will come in handy by offering repair assistance.
  • Fuel Assistance: You can encounter this issue anytime and from any location. Your car’s fuel tank is nearly empty before you realise it. In such cases, you can take advantage of Roadside Assistance Coverage. You can use this to transport a limited amount of fuel to the spot where you are trapped. However, you will be responsible for the fuel expenses.
  • Towing Service: Suppose your insured vehicle cannot be fixed on the spot by the designated mechanic and must be towed to a garage for servicing, your Roadside Assistance cover will assist you by arranging towing assistance.

Considerations before Purchasing Roadside Assistance Cover

Listed below are some factors that you should consider when purchasing Roadside Assistance add-on coverage:

  • Car’s Age: Mechanical issues are more likely to occur as the vehicle matures. As a result, most service providers are hesitant to give RSA coverage for vehicles older than five years. And, even if they do provide the coverage, the annual fees would be exorbitant. 
  • Plan Prices: The cost of roadside assistance is heavily influenced by the age of the vehicle and the number of services used. However, another important consideration is your usual travel path. If you just travel within your city, your plan may differ from that of someone who routinely travels inter-city.
  • Number of Services Available: The add-on cover can have a limit on the total number of times a service may be availed. As a result, you should look at the number of services provided in the add-on cover.

 Should You Purchase a Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover?

Roadside assistance is an important part of four-wheeler maintenance and protection. It is extremely useful in the sad case of a breakdown or accident. If you believe your current car insurance would cover such emergency needs, you can forgo purchasing a separate coverage. However, if your existing car insurer’s roadside assistance add-on package lacks sufficient features, consider purchasing a standalone coverage.

Furthermore, if you are a regular traveller who likes to cover miles in your insured four-wheeler, it is suggested that you choose this add-on protection so that you are only a phone call away if you want assistance during your lengthy excursions. 


If you own a new four-wheeler, you must have Roadside Assistance Cover as part of your comprehensive car insurance online. It will assist you in preserving and safeguarding your vehicle at all times. Just make sure you are purchasing the policy and the add-on cover from reputable insurance providers like Tata AIG to part ways with any such issues related to your car, ensuring peace of mind.

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