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Why the ongoing farmer protests go beyond just the new laws

It has now been over a month, since farmers have been protesting in the national capital. These protests are some of the biggest farm protests the country has ever seen. But who all are now involved in the protests? What is really driving them? To what extent do the farmer’s concerns go beyond the new farm laws? And what will this agitation mean for the future of politics in Punjab? To answer these questions and more, in this episode we speak to Vandita Mishra, Indian Express’ National Opinion Editor, who took a week-long journey across the state of Punjab to talk to farmers about their concerns. You can read Vandita Mishra's three-part series called 'From the Punjab Fields' here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Subscribe to Indian Express: The Indian Express Online covers all trending and latest news across India, which includes daily news, political news, gadgets and Mobile reviews, technology updates, Entertainment News, Bollywood news, public opinions and views on daily trends. Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Indian Express App: Official Website:
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