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DailyOh! A speech Imarti Devi could not complete, to how we could get 4G on Moon

DailyO logo DailyO 19-10-2020 Vandana

There are many ways of taking a message from one point to another. And while one message makes this point-to-point journey, many messages can be conveyed on the way. National BJP Chief JP Nadda called up UP BJP Chief Swatantra Dev Singh to convey his message to BJP MLA Surendra Singh that he should stay away from probe. You may ask what probe. Well, the probe in the case of Surendra Singh’s aide allegedly shooting dead a man in Ballia.

Jagat Prakash Nadda holding a sign: jp nadda 690 © Provided by DailyO jp nadda 690 BJP Chief JP Nadda doesn't want BJP MLA Surendra Singh to interfere in Ballia firing probe. (Photo: PTI)

If Nadda would have directly called Surendra Singh, the message would have still been conveyed but he chose to reroute the message because there is hierarchy. Hierarchy is a message in itself that there will be order and no anarchy. The other reason why Nadda called Swatantra Dev is that the message about ‘zero tolerance’ to lawlessness is not just meant for Surendra Singh but also the janta janardan of UP.

In another message that has been rerouted is Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s letter to Sonia Gandhi. In his letter, Chouhan has asked Gandhi if Kamal Nath calling Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Imarti Devi ‘an item’ is right. Chouhan knows the answer. If he doesn’t he can ask his party chief JP Nadda. By asking the Congress chief, Chouhan is trying to convey a message that Sonia Gandhi can’t keep quiet over Kamal Nath’s insult to a woman. On his part, Nath has said we are all items. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players (errrrrrr, item).”

a person wearing a costume: imarti 690 © Provided by DailyO imarti 690 Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath called Imarti Devi 'item' during poll campaigning. (Photo: Facebook)

Until March 2020, Imarti Devi was part of Nath’s cabinet. She then jumped ship and joined Jyotiraditya Scindia’s camp, which together joined Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s camp.

But we are reminded of an incident from 2019 when Imarti Devi was Woman and Child Development Minister in the Kamal Nath government. On Republic Day that year, Imarti Devi took to the podium to deliver a speech in Gwalior. She began reading and then just couldn’t read. District collector Bharat Yadav, who was standing behind her, stepped forward to prompt her. Imarti Devi realised if he could prompt her; he could also complete the speech without being prompted. So, she said, “Collector sahib padhenge (Collector sahib will read)” and walked away from the podium. Collector sahib then read the speech.

She may not have been able to read the speech, but Dalit leader Imarti Devi’s is no ordinary story. Devi and her husband Puran Singh worked as labourers on farms in Dabra in their early days. She has now been a three-time MLA from the region from Dabra and is fighting for a fourth stint.

Aamir Khan, meanwhile, is fighting pain – with painkillers. Khan has been hit but that doesn’t mean he will stop. Not until the shooting of Laal Singh Chaddha has been completed. The actor, who injured his rib while shooting an action sequence for the movie, reportedly popped a few painkillers to return to the sets because the he didn’t want to delay the shoot of the movie, a remake of Tom Hanks-starrer Forrest Gump (1994), in turn based on a 1986 novel of the same name.

Khan is shooting, but Pankaj Tripathi and Abhishek Bachchan-starrer Ludo is ready for release on Netflix, on November 12. The trailer is out and that may help you decide whether you want to watch it or not.

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Releasing this Friday is Mirzapur 2.

Watching OTT may soon be possible even on Moon. Nasa has partnered with Nokia to set up a 4G network on the Moon. Nokia’s research wing Bell Labs has been granted $14.1 million (about Rs 1,035 million) to provide wireless network on Moon. The project to provide network on Earth is meanwhile struggling with more ‘hello, hello’ being said to check if the network is still there than the words being exchanged over a call.

nasa 690 © Provided by DailyO nasa 690 Nasa plans to build a lunar base and sustain human presence on the Moon. (Image for representation: Nasa)

On the plus side, it gives you the window to sneak out of unwanted calls by pinning the blame on the network. No, this should not be read as an encouragement to lie just in case anyone needs encouragement for something so basic.

Despite poor networks to make calls, there is enough network to encourage hate, spread misinformation, share photos, recipes and all the gyaan that one may or may not need from the other.

We haven’t just used; but overused social media to do that because more is always less. The mor photos that no one needed to see, also were shared via social media and comments that had no use being made were made.

Parents say they are sharing pictures of their children online because that helps the larger family know what is up with the child. There isn’t just a term for this, but even a Wikipedia page for it because, hell, it’s so common.

Sharenting, the Word Of The Day, is the overuse of social media by parents to share baby pictures or details of their children's activities like their first step, or first sneeze or first pee, or first poop, or just the change of poop colour.

The word apparently came from The Wall Street Journal in form of oversharenting. It was then shortened to sharenting because people have to spend so much time browsing social media sites, they have little time to pronounce whole words. Why is sharenting a bad thing, you may ask.

Because sharenting is increasingly leading to ‘digital kidnapping’. When a child is digitally kidnapped, the child's photos and details are appropriated by others who promote such kids as being their own children. Also, millions of innocent photographs, uploaded innocently, end up on paedophilic and hebephilic websites.

So try and ensure your child gets the safety she deserves, the attention can wait.

The Indian Army, meanwhile, has caught a Chinese soldier and suspects he could be involved in some sort of an espionage mission. The soldier will be questioned and then returned because that is what the process demands. People getting hold of your child’s photos do not follow due process because none exist.

Uber, however, could ask for your photo if you have been reported for not wearing a mask on a previous ride. The selfie obviously needs to show you with a mask. Uber may not be able to control what you do after the selfie has been clicked and photo sent. Some may slip the mask. But you do know what the virus can do in that situation.

If the surveillance appears overbearing in the post-Covid world, we recommend a Ray of Light. Pull your mask in place and listen to Madonna’s vocal magic.

That will be all for today.

Be back tomorrow.

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