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Nasa's Artemis-1 mission to launch to Moon: When and where to watch the lunar lift-off

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Nasa's Artemis-1 mission to launch to Moon: When and where to watch the lunar lift-off © Provided by India Today Nasa's Artemis-1 mission to launch to Moon: When and where to watch the lunar lift-off

After months of delays, two unsuccessful attempts, and faulty leaks, Nasa is once again ready to attempt to launch its most powerful rocket on a journey to the Moon. The American space agency will conduct a third attempt to launch the Artemis-1 mission to the Moon on Wednesday.

The mission is aimed at demonstrating the technological advancements, designs, and developments done in the last 50 years since humans last walked on the Moon. The last humans to walk on the lunar world were Apollo-era astronauts in 1972.

Artemis I managers finally gave a "go" to proceed toward launch after reviewing the status of countdown operations as well as two open technical items. The team examined a detailed analysis of caulk on a seam between an ogive on Orion's launch abort system and the crew module adapter and potential risks if it were to detach during launch.

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"The mission management team determined there is a low likelihood that if additional material tears off it would pose a critical risk to the flight. Technicians also completed replacing a component of an electrical connector on the hydrogen tail service mast umbilical. While swapping the component did not fully fix the issue, engineers have redundant sources of information supplied through the connector," Nasa said.


The Artemis-1 mission is scheduled to launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral on Wednesday. The lift-off is expected to happen during a two-hour launch window that opens up at 1:04 am EST or 11:34 am IST.

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The launch window has been chosen based on orbital dynamics and the position of the moon with respect to Earth's rotation and revolution around the Sun in its orbit.


You can watch the most awaited launch of the Moon rocket here at We will bring you all the live updates and developments as Nasa attempts to blast off the moon rocket. You can watch the Live broadcast of the Artemis-1 launch here. 

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