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A group of Young Men Attack & harrass an Elephant herd in Annamalai Tiger Reserve in TN|Social Cause

These video clips reflect the reason for escalating human-animal conflicts, especially in Tamil Nadu. A group of young men attack and harrass an elephant herd in Tirumurthy range, Annamalai tiger reserve, where two tigers had been poisoned in February 2020. The elephants are in their protected habit. But these bunch of goons hurl stones at them while the elephants try to protect the calf. In one video, a youngster even hits a retreating elephant with a piece of vine. According to reliable sources three persons have been booked under the Wildlife Protection Act. Don't animals have the right to live in their own habitats? How can these incidents be allowed to happen over and over again in Tamil Nadu's forests? On Tuesday, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department captured a tusker, popularly known as Rivaldo. It has been visiting human habitations (which are inside the animal corridors) for many years. There was not one incident that the partly blind Rivaldo had injured or caused damage to human property. But it was captured at the behest of journalist who owns a four-acre property in the midst and of the elephant corridor in Masinagudi. Though the Madras High Court has ordered that the jumbo must be treated and released back into the forest, it is still being held captive at Vazhaithottam, Segur, Mudhumalai buffer zone. Why should animals be always punished for the foolishness and greed of homosapiens? We need to stop this animal torture. Period. #SaveElephants #AnnamalaiTigerReserve #ThreeMenArrested #StopThisNonsense #UnitedConservationMovement #Attacked #Tamilnadu
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