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In line with Macron, French Muslims denounce extremism

WION logo WION 18-01-2021 (Wion Web Team)
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In October 2020, there was a global backlash against France and President Macron for cracking down on extremism.

Imams, preachers, and world leaders said that Emmanuel Macron was “unfairly” targeting an entire religion. Large scale protests were held against Macron. He was trolled and French morality was questioned, and quickly France was labelled as prejudiced and Islamophobic.

However, there's a difference between fighting extremism and being Islamophobic. Now, French Muslims have spoken. “We must reject attempts to instrumentalise Islam for political ends”, and “mosques are not created to defend foreign regimes”.

These declarations are from a charter of principles adopted by Muslim leaders in France - part of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM).

What is CFCM?

It is body that is the official interlocutor with the French state in the regulation of islamic activities in France.

Representatives of this council recently met president Emmanuel Macron in Paris. They arrived at the Elysee Palace after formally adopting the charter of principles requested by Macron in November. Macron had urged the council to come up with this charter in a bid to eradicate sectarianism and extremism.

Besides the two declarations, the charter mentions a host of other things. It reaffirms the compatibility of the Muslim faith with French values and promotes secularism & commitment to French principles.

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It also denounces the practices of female circumcision, forced marriage, virginity certificates for Muslim brides, and the practice of wearing veils among young Muslim girls. It also explicitly rejects any sort of racism or anti-semitism.

And lastly, it upholds the creation of a national council of imams in a bid to remove imams being sent from Turkey, Morocco and Algeria. At least nine federations of the French council of the Muslim faith have adopted this charter.

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Mohammed Moussa-oui - the president of council has put out an important statement. This is a translation from French - “I am against wearing the veil for little girls but we cannot regulate everything with prohibitive laws… This debate on the veil risks polluting a real measure.... That of allowing any child of the republic to be educated in healthy conditions”.

The French interior minister has welcomed these remarks & the charter. “I salute the work started by the french muslim council which clearly condemns political Islam… This is a very significant step forward for French muslims and for the French republic”.

French government drew the line between constitution and religion, and now French Muslims are upholding it.

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