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Missing Australian teacher poisoned, fed to crocodiles in Congo by ex-lover

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Missing Australian teacher poisoned, fed to crocodiles in Congo by ex-lover © Provided by India Today Missing Australian teacher poisoned, fed to crocodiles in Congo by ex-lover

An Australian music teacher, Mark Ciavarella, who went missing from Congo's Brazzaville on October 26, last year, was drugged and thrown into a crocodile-infested water body by his ex-partner.

Mark Ciavarella, 57, from Leeton in New South Wales moved to the African country six years ago, working at first for the American International School teaching English and music and then switching to the French Consular School.

In the latest heart-wrenching update, Ciavarella's former partner, Clement Bebeka, has allegedly confessed to police his involvement in the death and why the Australian was killed, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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In the recorded confession that will be played in court during the trials in March, Clement Bebeka said he and another man killed Ciavarella after he revealed he was returning to Australia.

"I came to Brazzaville to the apartment … and (saw him) with a friend, I didn't know if they were together, but he said Mark was going to leave the country and leave us with nothing and said we needed something to benefit," he allegedly said.

"He said he had a solution. I asked, 'what is it?' He came back with a bottle of poison, Mr Mark went to pee in the shower and (the friend) poured the poison into a glass on the table and Mark came back and drank the poison. It happened in front of me.

"No, I didn't intervene … (the friend) told me we needed to get his money and his bank cards. He didn't have money on him but he did have it on his bank card."

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Bebeka allegedly said Ciavarella drank the poison, fell asleep and "after 35 minutes or so he was dead".

The two suspects then reportedly called a driver who helped them dispose of the body in the Congo River.

"The body was folded in a bed sheet … I then went to the police station to tell them Mark had disappeared," Bebeka allegedly said.

Back in Australia,Ciavarella's devastated family are struggling to come to terms with his horrific death.

"If it was a crash or illness, it would be easier to come to terms with, but the fact they killed him and fed him to crocodiles in the sea is killing us, it's too painful to imagine his last moments, we are absolutely devastated," Darren Ciavarella, Ciavarealla's brother, told News Corp.


The deceased's family received a strange message from Ciavarella's WhatsApp account two weeks after he was reported missing.

The message showed a short clip of an African man's foot before the phone became uncontactable, leaving the family distressed.

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"We're a little bit lost at the moment because we can't get through on that phone. So they've obviously switched sim cards or something," Darren Ciavarella told Sunrise at the time.

Darren said his brother knew Brazzaville was a dangerous spot but he was "very passionate" about teaching children in Africa.

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