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Taliban Chief Akhundzada Asks Officials to Sack Sons, Relatives Who Were Given Govt Jobs

News18 20-03-2023 Shankhyaneel Sarkar
Taliban Chief Akhundzada Asks Officials to Sack Sons, Relatives Who Were Given Govt Jobs © Provided by News18 Taliban Chief Akhundzada Asks Officials to Sack Sons, Relatives Who Were Given Govt Jobs

Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhundzada ordered officials in Afghanistan to sack relatives they have hired positions in the government. He issued a decree where he ordered officials to replace appointed sons or other family members and refrain from hiring relatives or acquaintances in future. When the Taliban wrested control of Afghanistan from the democratically-elected government in August 2021, some senior staff were dismissed and several others fled. Allegations surfaced that inexperienced staff were hired based on their personal connections. It should be noted that when the Taliban administration asked female government officials to vacate the posts that they are occupying last year, they were the ones to order them to vacate those posts for their husbands, brothers or cousins. The BBC citing the Afghan Islamic Press, based in Peshawar, Pakistan said the decree was released after allegations surfaced that several senior Taliban officials appointed their sons to roles within the government. The decree was posted on Afghanistan’s Office of Administrative Affairs’ Twitter page on Saturday Afghanistan is currently facing an economic as well as humanitarian crisis following Taliban takeover of the country. Humanitarian and economic aid has not been dispersed adequately because of the radical group’s insistence on not allowing females to attend schools and colleges and also on not allowing women to work. The situation in rural Afghanistan is also dire as decades of war has damaged infrastructure and destroyed any hope of economic growth. Afghanistan’s problems have further been exacerbated by sanctions placed on members of the Taliban government. Afghanistan’s central bank’s assets remain frozen and most foreign funding remains suspended. The country has vast amounts of natural resources which include natural gas, copper and rare earths and which are worth more than $1 trillion but these reserves are untapped due to decades of war in the country. The Taliban government’s treatment of women has enraged the international community and has led to the country’s economic isolation and economic collapse. Women remain barred from secondary schools and universities in most of Afghanistan.

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