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Users put WiFi routers in cages to shield themselves from radiation, then complain of poor network

India Today logo India Today 04-12-2020 Yasmin Ahmed

Coronavirus pandemic brought with it many conspiracy theories. One such theory spoke about 5G being one of the reasons for the spread of the virus. People in the UK burnt and vandalised 5G masts fearing the pandemic. Now, some users are purchasing Faraday cages online and placing their WiFi routers in them to protect themselves from harmful radiation and 5G.

People are selling Faraday router shields or guards to place over Wi-Fi routers to block 5G, harmful radiation and claim to keep the signal power down to a safe level. What are Faraday cages? Faraday cages are an enclosure made of a mesh of conductive metals designed to protect electronic equipment from external interference like electromagnetic radiation, according to Science blogs.

People selling these cages online claim that these cages will shield users from 95 per cent of harmful EMF RF waves and will provide a way to balance the function of routers but keeping EMF signal power down to a safe level. "Blocks About 90% of WiFi Router EMF While You can Still use The Router Blocks 5G!" reads a listing on Amazon US. EMF presumably stands for electromagnetic fields, National interest notes.

Reviews on Amazon have users complaining about reduced speeds in their WiFi after placing their router in shields. "I bought this. when I applied it to my modem as instructed it reduced speed from over 500mps to 16mps. it says it won't reduce speed. Is this typical?" a buyer asked.

WiFi is not harmful since it works in the same way as all other forms of wireless technology including FM radio, cellular network including 4G and 5G, Bluetooth, TV and air-conditioner remote controls.Moreover, the cages being sold are not well designed because a well-designed cage will reportedly block all WiFi signals. This, however, defeats the entire purpose of using a WiFi router since placing a cage over it does not give the best results in using one.

According to reports, WiFi falls under the range from 2.4 GHz to 5GHz which cannot be deemed harmful when compared to UV rays or X rays. X-rays fall under 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz. Now, 30 petahertz is 30,000,000 GHz. one can conclude that WiFi does not fall under the spectrum of harmful radiation. It is based on using part of the electromagnetic spectrum to send and receive signals. And the part of the spectrum used for this is harmless.

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