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Watch: Lion cub tries to scare its mother, internet finds it adorable

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Watch: Lion cub tries to scare its mother, internet finds it adorable © Provided by Firstpost Watch: Lion cub tries to scare its mother, internet finds it adorable

You must have seen a lot of prank videos on social media in which a person sneaks up on someone and records their funny surprised reaction. For all those who love this prank, this video will leave you in splits. A lion cub snuck up on its mother and her surprised reaction was hilarious.

Who could even suspect that such an innocent looking baby lion can be so notorious? The clip of this incident was recorded and posted on Twitter. In the video, the cub can be seen slowly making its way toward its mother. Another cub can also be seen standing right in front of the lioness.

The notorious cub, who is hidden behind her, suddenly performs a jump scare on her. The lioness gets startled and quickly turns around to see who or what is behind her.

Have a look at this video here:

The video has garnered a variety of reactions. A user commented that the older cats are aware that the cubs are sneaking up on them but they play along to build the hunting instinct of the little ones. He went on to say, “It’s the animal version of Peek-a-boo.”

Some people pointed out that the cubs were actually working as a team. A viewer stated that the cub in front of its mother’s face approached her slowly so that the cub behind her got closer first. The users went on to say that lionesses also use this kind of team work for hunting.

Many wrote that the cub did exactly what human kids do.

Some noted the alert ears of the lioness and commented that she knew what was going to come but acted surprised to encourage her cubs.


This is not the only adorable video of lion cubs which has been circulating on the internet. A clip was shared on Twitter recently in which a lion cub can be seen trying to roar. The cub’s mother can be seen sitting near it and watching it practice its roar. While it couldn’t roar like an adult lion, the cute sounds made by the cub were loved by the internet.

Watch this video here:

What do you think of this cute video?

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