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WATCH: Taliban serve Sharia law on chopping board, publicly cut off hands of 4 men for theft

Firstpost logo Firstpost 18-01-2023 Umang Sharma
WATCH: Taliban serve Sharia law on chopping board, publicly cut off hands of 4 men for theft © Provided by Firstpost WATCH: Taliban serve Sharia law on chopping board, publicly cut off hands of 4 men for theft

Kandahar: Four people accused of theft were amputated by Taliban in a packed football stadium in Kandahar.

In a post on Twitter, Policy Advisor to Minister for Afghan Resettlement and Minister for Refugees in the UK, Shabnam Nasimi said: “The Taliban have reportedly cut off the hands of 4 people in a football stadium in Kandahar today, accused of theft, in front of spectators.”

She further said that in Afghanistan, people are being lashed, amputated and executed “without fair trial and due process”.

“This is a human rights violation,” she said.

Not just this, Taliban have been exercising serve Sharia law on people of Afghanistan with the regime publicly flogging nine convicted of robbery and “sodomy” in Kandahar’s Ahmad Shahi Stadium.

According to a report by Tolo News, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan in a statement said nine people were punished on Tuesday in Ahmad Shahi Stadium in Kandahar on charges of robbery and 'sodomy'.

Local authorities and Kandahar residents were in attendance during the lashing. The spokesman for the provincial governor, Haji Zaid, said the convicts were lashed for about 35-39 times each.

Taliban has been condemned globally for flogging and public execution of criminals following a decree by the hard-liners' supreme leader.

Notably, UN experts have expressed their anger over Taliban resuming public execution and flogging in Afghanistan and have called on the de facto authorities to immediately stop all forms of severe, cruel and degrading forms of punishments.

In a statement issued recently, they said: "Since November 18, 2022, the de facto authorities have reportedly carried out floggings of over 100 individuals, both women and men, in several provinces including Takhar, Logar, Laghman, Parwan and Kabul. Each was given between 20 and 100 lashes for alleged crimes including theft, 'illegitimate' relationships or violating social behaviour codes. While the criminalisation of relationships outside of wedlock seems gender-neutral, in practice, punishment is overwhelmingly directed against women and girls. The flogging has been carried out in stadiums in the presence of officials and members of the public."

Taliban, on December 7, 2022, publicly executed a man in Farah city, Farah province which was reportedly the first public execution since it seized power in August 2021.

"Senior de facto officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Justice, were in attendance. The application of these punishments began after the Supreme Leader on November 13, 2022 ordered the judiciary to implement Hudood (crimes against God) and Qisas (retribution in kind) punishments across the country," the statement added.

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