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MotoGp, Livio Suppo confesses more than one regret

Sportal logo: MainLogo Sportal 17-11-2022
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Livio Suppo's words

Team Suzuki's farewell to MotoGp has left more than one regret for Livio Suppo, former team manager of the Japanese stable.

In a recent interview with, the Italian executive first said, "There could not have been a better way to leave this paddock. Actually my dream would have been to do a double in Valencia; we did first and sixth, but we can't complain. To win two of the last three races, knowing that we were going to retire, I think is something unique. First of all, because it is rare for such a competitive manufacturer to decide to retire; secondly, because even knowing that the bike was fast and that the riders and team were up to speed, it was not easy to maintain the motivation and concentration to achieve the end-of-season result that Álex achieved."

He then confessed more than one regret about the Japanese team's departure from MotoGp: "The group of people that make up Suzuki is a great mix, with incredible empathy, and I saw that firsthand. When I arrived in Qatar, they immediately made me feel at home. I cannot thank them enough, because it was a short experience, shorter than expected, but absolutely fantastic. We still had a lot to invent. We didn't create a satellite team as I would have liked to do, I would have liked to create a team in Moto2 as well to grow the riders. There were a lot of things to do. We had to convince the Japanese to work more on aerodynamics, and I would have liked to develop in collaboration with Dallara, which I had the honor to meet. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to try to implement."

"Some of the bikes will end up in a museum of some kind, the others will be destroyed, like parts and all. All Japanese manufacturers do this, for tax reasons, otherwise they would remain assets to pay taxes on. Since it will no longer be usable, they have always made the choice to destroy everything," Suppo concluded on the fate of Suzuki motorcycles.

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