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Animal-lover creates mini restaurant for wild chipmunk who visits her every day

A woman created a miniature restaurant to feed a CHIPMUNK who had been visiting her house porch in Tucker, Georgia. Angela English Hansberger, 50, created the mini restaurant complete with a table, barstools, and a grand piano for the chipmunk she named Thelonious Munk. She serves her furry friend walnuts in the tiny restaurant since she noticed it looking for nuts in front of her house when the lockdown started The food writer, who had been working in the industry for ten years, had the idea after a relative sent her a handmade miniature wooden picnic table. She said: "When I first saw the chipmunk, he was sitting there like a tiny person — his hands resting on the table. "I went to the pantry and gave him some nuts leftover from a holiday pie. He ate them as I watched and giggled. Then I started feeding him every day."
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