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Car drives with frosted-up windscreen in London. Can they see where they are going?

A driver in the UK was spotted driving with what appeared to be a completely frosted-up windscreen, prompting fears from the car behind that they could not have seen where they were going. In the incident, filmed by dashcam on Thursday 20 January, the car is seen going down the road with an extremely opaque windscreen -- it appears to be covered with ice. The temperature was around -1C (34F). The driver appears to swerve to avoid hitting some parked cars at one point, before getting out of the car at a traffic light in order to try and scrape some of the frost from his windscreen. Apparently unable to clear much of they ice, they then carry on driving with their view obscured. The filmer called it "crazy driving" and wondered: "How they can see to avoid hitting a pedestrian?"
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