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Thailand demonstrators carry wall of yellow rubber ducks

Thousands of Thai protesters gathered for the latest anti-government rally tonight - forming a wall of yellow rubber ducks as they marched through the city. The demonstrators have adopted the mascot as a symbol of the movement after inflatable ducks were used as shields against water cannons fired by police. Footage from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, shows the colourful scenes as demonstrators gathered in the Lat Phrao area of the city on Friday night (November 27). There were no scenes of violence unlike in recent weeks. The destination for the protest was only announced at short notice, with organisers changing locations regularly amid a growing backlash from police and authorities. Street vendors sold different types of rubber ducks and protesters took along foot pumps to inflate items, which later formed a 'duck fortress'. The toys have become an unlikely symbol of the protest after they were used by demonstrators to defend themselves against the onslaught of tear gas and liquid fired from water cannons at a recent protest, which erupted into violence. The colour yellow is also significant as it has traditionally been the colour used to symbolise support for the Thai royal family. At protests on Wednesday, two people were reportedly shot - with police claiming it happened during an argument between security guards. Growing numbers of anti-establishment protests have taken place in recent months across Thailand, including at schools and universities. Activists are calling for sweeping reforms including a new constitution, the resignation of the prime minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha and reforms of the monarchy. Criticism of the Thai king has also grown in recent months. Thai government ministers claim the protests are being funded and encouraged by disaffected opposition and international groups to destabilise the country. There is apparent evidence that both sides have used social media 'bots' to drum up support for their respective causes.
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