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Six months for Louis Koo's eyes to heal

TPG Logo By tungstar3 of TPG | Slide 1 of 12: (Hongkong December 11 2017) Louis Koo,Anita Yuen,Cheung Tat Ming and Francis Ng attended the shooting start ceremony of their new film “Family Surprise” today. Cheung Tat Ming cosplay an old man and showed up in the ceremony. “It‘s Francis’ trick, he jealous of my handsome”, Cheung joked,“The make up cost me two hours on audition. Today is the simplified version”. This was first time Cheung held the post of supervisor. He thanked Louis, Anita and Francis‘ kind help. Louis played a saboteur this time. “I’m a bad guy. Ruin Anita and Francis’ family”, he said. Louis highly praised Anita “make the atmosphere active”. This was first time they two worked together. Talked about the injury of eyes, Louis said:“I need at least six months for recovery. The worse thing is I cannot enjoy the sunshine”. Anita and Francis shared the secrets of their children. “I just found Feynman only one year younger than Morton”, Francis said,“but much heavier than Morton. He likes expensive food since he was a baby. Some girls said even breath can make me fat. Feynman is not, he definitely ate too much”. Then Francis said he would forbid Feynman eat high cholesterol food like crab cream.

Louis Koo and Anita Yuen first time worked together, Francis Ng teases Feynman too fat

(Hongkong December 11 2017) Louis Koo, Anita Yuen, Cheung Tat Ming and Francis Ng attended the start of shooting their new film “Family Surprise” today. 

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