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Why People Think Steve Harvey Is Divorcing His Wife

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 12/6/2020 Brianna Morton

Rumors about Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, divorcing over allegations the talk show host cheated on her have been swirling for some time now. Multiple gossip sites and outlets have speculated about the pair’s marriage, and whether infidelity had anything to do with the Harveys’ alleged marital problems. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors and discovered the truth.

Though Steve and Marjorie have been married for 12 years, rumors of their imminent divorce have followed them around for years. Gossip Cop has debunked countless tabloid stories about the two heading for a split, but now we’re focusing on rumors that have fermented online, growing more and more toxic as the years have passed. For years, blind items (gossip about celebrities from anonymous sources that generally do not mention the name of said celebrity, but contain enough information to identify them regardless) have been posted online and grown increasingly cruel.

One of the oldest blind items we discovered claimed Marjorie had a drug habit, but that Steve didn’t mind, because it left him able to carry on as many affairs as he wanted. There was absolutely zero proof that either rumor was remotely true. The only “evidence” provided to prove the poster’s statement was the fact that Marjorie had twice been involved with “drug kingpins,” notably her ex-husband Jimmy Townsend and a man named Donnell Woods, who is rumored to be the biological father of Marjorie’s daughter, Lori Harvey. Townsend was sentenced to life in prison in 1992 over cocaine-related charges, but had his sentence commuted by President Barack Obama. The FBI and DEA also reportedly investigated Marjorie at the time, though they never brought any charges against her.

Steve Harvey’s alleged infidelities were also gossiped about on these anonymous posting boards, with one poster alleging that Steve carried on an affair with a woman who worked on his since-cancelled daytime talk show, Steve. The woman was supposedly angered over a memo Steve released to his staff asking them not to bother him while he was in his dressing room. Once again, zero proof was put forth to support this claim.

The most recent rumors about Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s secret divorce seemingly came about due to a series of photos Marjorie uploaded to her Instagram. One photo, showing Steve staring at his grandson, Noah, who had stolen the radio host’s seat during a commercial break, caught fans’s attention due to the fact that Steve was not wearing his wedding ring. Eagle-eyed fans noticed Marjorie wasn’t wearing her wedding ring in another series of photos she posted from a trip to the Trona Pinnacles with a friend.

As far as the first picture goes, it was uploaded to Marjorie’s personal Instagram account. If she was trying to hide the fact that she was getting divorced, she probably wouldn’t have posted evidence that there was trouble in paradise. And the second series of photos are even easier to explain. The terrain is clearly rough and rocky, and Marjorie’s wedding ring likely wasn’t cheap. She’s shown climbing rocks and posing in various athletic poses, it’s far more likely that she simply didn’t wear her ring because she didn’t want it lost or damaged. That reason isn’t quite as salacious as the couple divorcing, however, which is likely why the latter explanation was able to gain as much speed.

Gossip Cop has spent the better part of the last year debunking rumors about Marjorie and Steve Harvey divorcing. In fact, we recently busted the National Enquirer for claiming Steve’s “wandering eye” was to blame for the couple’s allegedly upcoming divorce. The divorce has yet to occur, since the tabloid absolutely made up the story. Despite all the gossip, innuendo, and rumors to the contrary, Steve and Marjorie continue to be very much in love and very committed to each other.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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