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5 Basic Glutinous Rice Dumpling Recipes

Kuali logo Kuali 23/5/2022 Michelle Wong

Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival) or commonly known as Rice Dumpling Festival is a traditional celebration by the Chinese community to commemorate filial piety.

Family members will gather during the festive season to make and eat rice dumplings together. 

Here are 5 basic glutinous rice dumpling recipes to try out during the festive season:

Hokkien Dumplings

Hokkien Dumplings © Provided by Kuali Hokkien Dumplings

This dumpling is one of the most common rice dumpling found in the market during the festive season. This recipe calls for a healthier version of the traditional recipe by replacing pork belly with chicken meat.

Nyonya Dumplings

Nyonya Dumplings © Provided by Kuali Nyonya Dumplings

This slightly sweet dumpling has two-toned color rice which differentiate them from other dumplings. Traditionally, the blue colour is made from the petals of butterfly pea flowers.

Red Bean Alkaline Dumplings

Red Bean Alkaline Dumplings © Provided by Kuali Red Bean Alkaline Dumplings

Alkaline dumpling or Kee Zhang (Kan Sui Zong) is a basic dumpling made by glutinous rice soaked in alkaline water. It is usually pair with condiments such as sugar, kaya or sweet fillings.

Vegetarian Rice Dumplings

Vegetarian Rice Dumplings © Provided by Kuali Vegetarian Rice Dumplings

This recipe uses mushrooms to replace the usual meat in the dumpling. Try using a variety of mushrooms such as Enoke mushroom, the Abalone mushroom and the Black mushroom to spice up the flavor.

Hong Kong-style Dumpling

Hong Kong-style Dumpling with Dried Scallops © Provided by Kuali Hong Kong-style Dumpling with Dried Scallops

This is a dumpling originated from Hong Kong. It is usually filled with various meats and delicacies such as chicken meat, duck meat and scallops.

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