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Why mosquitoes bite you the most, explained

StarsInsider logo StarsInsider 12/9/2018 Stars Insider
The four types of people who get the most bites: Why mosquitoes bite you the most, explained © iStock Why mosquitoes bite you the most, explained

Raise your hand if you feel like you attract mosquito bites more than anyone else. Everyone always says that the tiny insects are attracted to people who are sweeter, but what is the real reason you are covered in itchy bumps? According to In The Know, here are the four types of people who attract the most mosquitoes. This summer, bug repellent may just be your best friend.

1. Pregnant women: Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. Pregnant women tend to emit much more CO2 than those who are not pregnant.

2. Athletes

The pesky insects are also attracted to the organic compound lactic acid. People who exercise a lot boost their lactic acid production, which makes them an easier target for mosquitoes.

3. Type O blood

The Journal of Medical Entomology reports that humans with type O blood are 83% more likely to attract and get bitten by mosquitoes. Those with type A are the least likely to become a target.

4. Alcohol drinkers

Because alcohol consumption raises your body temperature, you become more attractive to mosquitoes.

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