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An Intense At-Home Workout For Anyone Who Considers Their Fitness Level "Advanced"

PopSugar logo PopSugar 28/2/2018 Michele Foley
Advanced Workout © POPSUGAR Photography Advanced Workout

Front row at SoulCycle. Treadmill turned up to 12 at Barry's. The first one to go for the heavy dumbbells at the gym. Does this sound like you? Among your friends, you're lovingly referred to as a "beast" for your gains at the gym. Chances are most home workouts bore you, but this one won't - we promise. This three-circuit HIIT workout will challenge your strength, endurance, and balance while keeping your heart rate elevated the entire time. If things go as we expect, you're probably going to collapse onto the ground in a pool of sweat once it's over.

Challenge yourself by going at your max speed while performing the reps, taking short breaks as needed at the end of each round. Be sure to not sacrifice good form in the process. If this workout is still too easy for you, add in weights or additional rounds.

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