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Fast Track Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) - Toll System of the Future, Reimagined

Malaysians spend millions of hours on the road every day. How do we reduce congestion at tolls during peak traffic? Green Packet Bhd is partnering with FETC International Co (FETCi) to run Malaysia’s first ever Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) tolling system Proof of Concept. It is the same electronic toll collection system installed nationwide across Taiwan in 2014, utilising connected smart cameras with AI Edge computing capabilities, along with other features such as location-based toll payment, vehicle counting, and speeding violation detection. Combined with Kiple’s integrated unified payment platform, drivers will no longer need to slow down on highways and freeways installed with MLFF. Gantry sensors pick up high frequency signals from RFID eTags on vehicles and complete identification in less than 0.02 milliseconds, allowing drivers to continue their journey uninterrupted with unprecedented tolling accuracy. Redefine the future of transportation today with Green Packet.

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