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Is FWD and Winter Tires Better Than AWD and All Weather Tires?

In the final part of our "Drivetrain VS Tires", we put an AWD (4x4 / 4WD) system on all season tires, also known as all weather tires in the USA, against a FWD car on winter tires. Both cars are identical Mini Countryman S, but the white one has all wheel drive (AWD) and the dark one is front wheel drive (FWD). The all season / all weather tired 4wd vehicle has Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen 3 and the winter tyre 2wd mini has the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+. Both tyres are in the same size and load rating and have the same BMW Mini specific tyre pressures. The tests in the video include acceleration and braking on snow, snow handling, snow hill climb, snow braking on a hill, snow circle to test lateral grip, and even some ice traction testing. Which combination of drive train and tyres was best? You'll have to watch the video :) Note, I know I use 4x4 and AWD interchangeably in the video. --- Further information on the tyres talked about in this video can be found on the Tyre Reviews website --- Instagram - Music by

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