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Kau Ilhamku by Healthcare workers of Malaysia This music video was created from the contribution of 26 healthcare workers from across Malaysia, both government and private sector, singing and recording in isolation between Dec 2020 and Jan 2021. 2020, the year of Covid-19 pandemic. It has been over a year of battling the virus and the end is still nowhere to be seen. With the number of cases still surging, the stress on our healthcare system is substantial. We wish to pay tribute to our heroic colleagues who devote their time and energy, risking their own lives daily to contain the pandemic. Not forgetting our members of the public, we wish to thank all fellow Malaysians. Each and every one of you who stood patiently battling with us, who diligently practise new norms, more so to you who volunteered to assist our healthcare workers and other frontliners. We know we are not alone because you get us through. Quoting our beloved Director-General of Health YBHG. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah, “In times of crisis and war, the whole nation must come together as one to fight a common enemy.” Dear Malaysians, let’s continue to persevere and Do Not Give Up! #togetherwefight #thankyouMalaysians #covid19Malaysia Lastly, we would like to thank Man Bai for his beautiful song “Kau Ilhamku” which inspired this humble production of ours. Forewords by Dr. Lau Shyan Ling ———————————————————————————————— Music Video produced and edited by Dr. Tew Pei See Keyboard/ Piano Dr. Tew Pei See Violin Dr. Joash Tan - Loh Guitar Dr. Lee Tung Meng Dr. Samuel Choo Guide Track Dr. Tew Pei See Mixing & Mastering Dr. Tew Pei See Vocalists Dr. Leow Shin Chee Sn. Wati Manmanzal Dr. Tham May Wan Dr. Lau Shyan Ling Dr. Nicholas Tan Sn. Noor Aini Binti Abdul Wahab Dr. Tew Pei See Dr. Fishe Leong Dr. Foo Lee Lyn Dr. Fong Su Ee Dr. Norina Binti Nor Hakimi Dr. Wong Sok Mun Dr. Aina Binti Mohd Roslan Dr. Jothiswaran Namasoo Dr. Vindhu Venugopal Dr. Vinura Venugopal Dr. Hazwani Binti Ismail Dr. Azraf Afiq Bin Hashim Sn. Nithiya Darshini Rajakumar Dr. Khong Xuan Xuan Nor Fathiyah Binti Shamsuri Chen Li Li THANK YOU FOR WATCHING PLEASE LIKE & SHARE :) Kau ilhamku 2020 by Man Bai Original song written by Asmin Mudin YouTube:

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