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Prince Chiu Says to Marry Before 35

I love. (Prince Chiu) I love. (Prince Chiu) Prince Chiu has a birthday party in Taipei with his fans to celebrate his 27th birthday. He has not met his fans for a long time. Prince gets excited and comes down from the stage to greet the fans. He sings off the stage. His birthday party is hosted by his brother Modi. And a heavyweight guest performer is invited. I guess it is Hyekyo Song. She has nice figure. Or Chiling Lin. The answer is… The Golden Horse Award winner Hsinling Chung. I’m sorry to disappoint Prince. But it’s really a heavyweight star. It turns out that 4 years ago they made a film for a chocolate brand and became good friends. When Prince celebrated his birthday, Hsinling gave him a present… Hsinling sent me a nude photo. What? Her daughter’s nude photo. Her daughter’s nude photo. (Whew!) She hopes to work with me in a bed scene. OK. If it’s OK for her hubby, I’m OK. (It is too beautiful for me to watch.) It is Prince’s 10th year in the showbiz. He sighs that his fans have turned from students into mothers. How time flies. Sigh. How about you? You have been too slow. But I think it’s too early to say it. I still feel like 18 years old. (How dare you.) I’d say that before the age of 35. It’s still more than a decade to go. Wow. How dare you. (All right. 7 years to go.)
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