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Paul Burrell issues warning to every man after shock cancer diagnosis

Derbyshire Live logo Derbyshire Live 27/03/2023 Robbie Purves
Paul Burrell opened up about his cancer diagnosis on Lorraine © Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock Paul Burrell opened up about his cancer diagnosis on Lorraine

Paul Burrell, former footman to Queen Elizabeth II, has a warning to men after sharing his shock cancer diagnosis. One of the most common cancers that people are diagnosed with, around one in eight men will suffer from prostate cancer during their lifetime.

The former confidant of Princess Diana spoke about the impact his cancer treatment will have on him and his husband Graham Cooper. He told ITV's Lorraine: "This isn't about me is it? It's about the big picture – it's about my hubby, Coop. It's about our relationship, the way forward. I had to talk about all of that."

Burrell's cancer was caught early and, according to the NHS, data suggests treatment at stages one and two has a near 100% survival rate. However, this drops considerably if it is not revealed earlier, with those with stage four cancer only having a 50% chance of surviving.

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Paul's warning to men

Paul's diagnosis was due to a stroke of luck, as a blood test prior to the start of filming in summer 2022 found high levels of PSA, a chemical released by the prostate gland. A follow-up MRI then discovered the cancer.

Speaking on Lorraine, Burrell urged men to get their health checked: "Guys, out there. Go and have a simple blood test. You owe it to your partners. You owe it to your families. You owe it to the people who love you. Just go and have a simple test. If they catch it early, you'll get through it too, like me."

The father of two then went on to describe how his cancer treatment works: "I'll go for a two-hour procedure and they will inject radium into my prostate...Then for the next three weeks, I will have to go to radiotherapy appointments – to kill it from the outside as well as the inside."

However, Burrell will still have to undergo hormone treatment to shrink both the cancer and prostate gland afterwards. Telling Lorraine, he said: "I'm going to be a mess for a very long time. But you have to trade off certain things to get to a point of living."


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