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10 tips to help plan your ideal wedding

Photos logoPhotos 8/10/2019

Planning a wedding can be a fun yet stressful affair. With decisions to be taken regarding the venue, the guest list and the wedding dress, it can become a daunting task if not planned properly. Here are some tips to ensure your dream wedding is hassle-free, sans any last-minute glitches.

Start early

© Getty Images The best way to make your wedding less stressful is to plan early. Have a clear idea regarding the venue, guest list and the budget. This will ensure that you avoid second-best services and get to book your preferred venue and choose your dream wedding dress.

Set a budget

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Try and prepare a realistic budget to keep your expenses in check. This will enable you to prioritize tasks that are more important, such as the right venue or the number of guests you would like to invite. You could cut down on less important elements, such as a wedding car, if you have a tight budget.

Make a guest list

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Invite people who are close to you and your family. This will not only help you choose a venue that will cater to the guests properly but will also keep your budget under control.

Plan the menu

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Food is an integral part of weddings. Try and include innovative dishes to satiate your guests’ taste buds. Plan the menu with limited but quality items so that the guests can enjoy the food on offer.

Wedding venue

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Choose the venue based on the number of guests you would like to invite. This will ensure that there’s ample space for everyone. Try and pick a place that is not too far from the main city, making it convenient for guests to arrive on time.

Get the best photographer

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Do a bit of research on wedding photographers to get an idea of their work. This will enable you to choose a photographer who understands your requirement and preferences. You could also have a close friend, who is good at photography, to capture some candid moments from your wedding.

Buying your wedding dress 

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It is always better to have your best friend or close family member around while choosing a wedding dress. This will help you get an honest opinion and pick a dress that looks best on you. While at the store, it is a good practice to have your picture clicked after wearing the wedding dress to get an idea of how it will look in your wedding pictures. 

Make a wedding website

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One of the best ways to answer all your guests and relatives’ queries regarding the timings, rituals and venue, is to set up a wedding website, listing out the important ceremonies. This will save you from multiple emails or text messages from guests inquiring about the wedding.

Decide a theme

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A little research can help you get a clear idea about the theme you would like to have for your wedding. These could range from colors and lighting to the flowers you would prefer to have at the venue.

Picking the bridesmaid and the best man

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It is always good to have the right people beside you on the most important day of your life. Avoid picking newer friends or distant cousins as your bridesmaid or best man and instead go for long-term friends, siblings or close relatives, who know you well.

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