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20 Signs Your Pet Is Miserable

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20 Signs Your Pet Is Miserable

You might think feelings are a purely human characteristic. You'd be wrong—because your pet has plenty of them, too. As Dr. Rachel Barrack of NYC's Animal Acupuncture explained: "[Animals] experience a full range of emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness and even depression."

Yes, believe it or not, your pet has the ability to feel a whole spectrum of emotions, including misery. That said, unlike a human, an animal can't verbally communicate when something is wrong—which means it's on you to keep an eye out. Here, we've rounded up some of the telltale signs your cat or dog might be suffering from pet depression, so they don't have to go another minute suffering in silence. And for a different take on the animals in your house, learn the 20 Ways Cats Are Definitively Better Than Dogs.

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