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Enola Holmes: Every Main Character in the Netflix Movie, Ranked

MovieWeb 23/03/2023 McKenzie Kooima
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Netflix released Enola Holmes in 2020, and it quickly became a hit on the streaming service. The story offers tension, action, and humor as Enola looks directly into the camera to offer a quippy one-liner. However, there are plenty of other characters that deserve their fair share of praise on the show. Some of these characters are the heroes of the film, while others are the bad guys. Whatever the case, each of them play a vital role in the movie.

Despite all the different facets in the film, Enola Holmes is an investigation movie. Specifically, an investigation to figure out what happened to the titular detective's mother. Along the way, she gets pulled into a different mystery and makes friends and/or enemies along the way. These characters need to have the intelligence and cunning to solve the case that is in front of them. Some of them are smarter than the other, and some are just simply better characters. Here is every main character in Enola Holmes, ranked.


Inspector Lestrade does not have an easy job when he works in the same city the Holmes' do. Sherlock Holmes continuously runs around the city, all the while solving Lestrade's crimes for him. Lestrade, who is played by Adeel Akhtar, is not a bad person and tries really hard at his job. However, Digital Spy admits that he is just not as intelligent as Sherlock, which is typically seen in Sherlock stories. Enola is much younger than Lestrade, and it seems that even she is more intelligent than him as well, as she is able to trick the inspector.

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Miss Harrison

Miss Harrison is in charge of a school for young ladies that Enola unfortunately ends up at. Decider describes Miss Harrison (Fiona Shaw) as a product of her era it was believed that women should be seen not heard, which she perpetuates. This makes her rather good at her job when it comes to keeping the girls in line, except for Enola. Enola tries everything she can to get out of the school after her brother, Mycroft, forced her into that wretched place. Luckily for Enola, Miss Harrison falls for one of her tricks, which leads to her escape.

The Dowager

The Dowager is the grandmother to Viscount Tewkesbury and looks like a sweet, old-fashioned lady who seems keen on finding her missing grandson. However, characters in Enola Holmes always seem to be more than what they actually are. The Dowager, played by Frances de la Tour, is attempting a very dangerous game and knows how to make sure no fingers are ever pointed at her. She might have succeeded in her plan if she never met Enola who is as equally smart as she is.

Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft, who is played by Sam Claflin, is the eldest Holmes sibling. Mycroft works for the British government in a very high-profile position, but does not seem to have the same level of intelligence and wit as his younger siblings. He is also extremely bound by societal conventions, which is why he feels so passionate about sending Enola to a boarding school for ladies. Mycroft does more harm than good in the film due to his misunderstanding of his own sister.


Linthorn is the biggest villain in Enola Holmes. Burn Gorman plays Linthorn very close to the vest as the audience does not get to know his character too much. However, Screen Rant says he is clever enough to figure out where Enola is going as she is on a mission to find her mother. As a hired assassin, Linthorn is quite proficient at his job and only loses his life when Enola bests him at his own game.

Viscount Tewkesbury

Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) meets Enola while she is trying to solve the disappearance of her mother. Tewkesbury, on the other hand, has run away from his family and future in the House of Lords. After they meet, Enola abandons looking for her mom as Tewkesbury's life is in danger. The Viscount has no idea who could be after him and is not very helpful to Enola during her investigation. Although he is definitely not the smartest person in the film, he has noble goals and treats people with kindness.

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Susie Wokoma plays Edith in Enola Holmes, who is a close friend of Enola's mother. She has her own business and has mastered the art of flying under the radar. Owning her own business, one that is thriving, is rather impressive during this era as societal norms would never let that happen. The Headlight details how Edith runs a jiujutsu school, where she teaches Enola self-defense, and teaches Sherlock about white male privilege.

Sherlock Holmes

Henry Cavill is one of the best decisions Enola Holmes has made in casting him as the latest version of Sherlock Holmes. This character is already well-established in many different iterations, and in this one, he is already a famous detective. Sherlock does step aside so that Enola can have her very own mystery with their mother and the Viscount. If he wanted to, Sherlock could solve the mysteries faster than Enola. However, it is much more endearing to see how much Sherlock wants Enola to forge her own path as a detective.

Enola Holmes

Enola is very intelligent and very educated despite how young she is. Millie Bobby Brown stars as Enola and has become a new feminist icon in a spin-off story about Sherlock's younger sister. Enola is able to take anything she learns and put it into action against anyone who may harm her or her friends she makes along the way. Her deduction skills are not quite to the level of Sherlock's, but will certainly get there given enough time. With her smarts and courage, there is no doubt that Enola may surpass her brother as the greatest detective of all time.

Eudoria Holmes

All the good traits that Enola has learned were passed down from her mother, Eudoria Holmes. Helena Bonham Carter is the best decision to play Enola's mother as Eudoria is looking to bring real feminist change to Britain. Her crazy and enigmatic flair teaches Enola she can be anything she wants to be. Eudoria may not be a detective like Sherlock or Enola, but she has an equal amount of intelligence to solve any case, if she would want to solve it.

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