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Research reveals Kiwis would take pay cut to have dogs at work

Newshub logo Newshub 24/06/2021 Tia McDougall
a dog lying on top of a grass covered field: 83 percent of dog owners at a workplace with a no-dogs policy wishes it allowed furry friends. © GETTY 83 percent of dog owners at a workplace with a no-dogs policy wishes it allowed furry friends. a dog lying on the grass © Provided by Newshub

A new survey by a pet insurance provider has revealed Kiwi workers who are able to bring their dogs to work would turn down a better job - if it meant they could no longer have their furry friends as colleagues.

Of the nearly 800 Kiwi employees who participated in the survey, hosted by NZ Pet Insurance Provider (NZPD), 89 percent considered the ability to bring a dog to work as an employment perk.

For respondents who weren't able to bring a furry companion to the workplace, 77 percent said they would be more loyal to their employer if they allowed it. Thirty percent would even take a pay cut if it changed their employer's mind. 

The survey found a whopping 83 percent of dog owners wish their no-dogs workplaces would allow furry friends. 

The majority of participants (81 percent) also believe "pet parental leave such as bereavement and 'pet-ernity'’ leave" should also be introduced.

Of the dogs who do accompany their owners to work, 14 percent have responsibilities - including alerting employers if customers arrive, educating people about dog safety, visiting the elderly and providing emotional support.

NZPD said the survey was an "eye-opener" regarding the overwhelming benefits of having dogs in the workplace. They also noted the advantages for dogs who suffer separation anxiety. 

One of the respondents told NZPD they often saw a big German Shepherd in a small car in their work carpark.

"I asked around and was told he was a retired police dog who suffered from severe separation anxiety and couldn’t be left alone at home, but couldn’t join his dad in the office as he wasn’t a service dog," the participant said.

Friday, June 25 is New Zealand's official 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day', which NZPD encourages all businesses to get behind. 

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