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7 Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows To Watch While Waiting For The Last Of Us Season 2

GameRant 26/03/2023 Farrukh Kabir Jafri
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It is safe to say that HBO's The Last Of Us was a major success. Bringing in nothing but praises from critics and already being hailed as the greatest video game television adaption by many, The Last Of Us was exactly what was needed from an adaptation. From its stunning cinematography to the excellent acting displayed by the cast to the near perfect reenactment of popular scenes from the games for the big screen, The Last Of Us was always bound for success.

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The conclusion of the first season has left fans wanting for more. As fans wait for the release of the show's second season, here is a list of post-apocalyptic (primarily zombie apocalypse) TV shows to keep fans entertained.

Tales From The Walking Dead

  • Where To Watch: Amazon Prime TV

Set in the universe of AMC popular The Last Of Us universe, Tales From The Walking Dead is an anthology with each episode capturing a different story. While The Last Of Us did follow a somewhat linear path, quite a few episodes were mini storylines of their own, with a new setting, new characters, and a separate sub-plot that existed within said episode.

Tales From The Walking Dead is a thrilling show that is bound to keep fans engaged due to its rich storytelling.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

  • Where To Watch Ash vs Evil Dead: Netflix

While this may come as a surprise to many, Ash vs Evil Dead is an excellent post Apocalyptic comedy with so much going on all at once. The Last Of Us had multiple humorous scenes between Joel and Ellie. While they were spread apart pretty far, they were all iconic in their own way and left their mark.

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Fans who enjoyed those moments are sure to have a blast watching Ash vs Evil Dead for it does its best to make one laugh despite its tense and atmospheric setting with danger lurking around each corner.


  • Where To Watch Kingdom: Netflix

Set in medieval Korea, Kingdom combines Zombies with ascension politics in the best possible way. Despite the unconventional setting, the show's execution is near flawless. Kingdom is a show that explores the depth of human desperation and the means people are willing to go to aid their selfish nature, both of which are closely explored in The Last of Us.

Alongside being an excellent zombie apocalypse TV show, Kingdom also serves as an excellent introduction to Korean Dramas for fans of the zombie apocalypse genre.

Z Nation

  • Where To Watch Z Nation: Netflix

Much like The Last of Us, Z Nation is also a show surrounding the transportation of a sole survivor. The circumstances are similar to those seen in The Last Of Us. In Z Nation, there is an entire group tasked with the transportation of the survivor.

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Throughout the show, fans get to see character development between the cast as they fend off some troubling challenges along their path. Due to its many similarities with The Last Of Us, this is a show fans will definitely have a good time watching.

Black Summer

  • Where To Watch Black Summer: Netflix

Serving as a spin-off to Z Nation, Black Summer is a powerful show that tells the tale of a mother separated from her child during the onset of a zombie apocalypse. The show captures Rose and her group's quest of finding her daughter in a world where exists nothing but danger. Full of tense plot moments, tough decisions, and good character development, Black Summer is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Given how an important aspect of The Last Of Us was the father daughter like relationship between Joel and Ellie, fans coming off of The Last Of Us and watching this are probably going to appreciate it even more.

All Of Us Are Dead

  • Where To Watch All of Us Are Dead: Netflix

The Last Of Us had numerous tense moments, and for many fans, these were the highlight of the show. The feeling of uneasiness and adrenaline during a show where anything can go wrong any given second is unmatched when such scenes are perfected, and The Last Of Us seems to have perfected each one. For fans seeking such a feeling, All Of Us Are Dead is just the show.

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Set in a Korean school where a zombie apocalypse erupts, the show is tense throughout and showcases the main cast trying to avoid the danger that (quite literally) surrounds them as they make their way out of the building. Overall, this is a very intense TV show fans of zombie encounter scenes will enjoy the most.

The Walking Dead

  • Where To Watch The Walking Dead:Netflix

No such list is complete without a mention of AMC's The Walking Dead, the show that arguably brought the genre into the mainstream. With millions of watchers worldwide, The Walking Dead served as the go-to post apocalypse show for years. The show innovated the genre a lot and always succeeding in introducing something new into the show that just worked.

From brutal deaths, to tough decisions, to bonding and character development, to moments of bleakness where nothing seems to work, the show has it all. Those unaware of The Walking Dead, wanting to explore the zombie apocalypse genre should be looking here to begin with.

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